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Monday, 26 March 2012

Today's Highlight!

These few days, I having a lots of fun. 
& I thinks a lots too.

Waiyyaaaa??!!!  hmmm. 
Busy? nope. I'm playing too. 
Tension? I'm laughing too. 
Happy? I tearing too..
Too many emotion involved. 

Not that I'm unhappy, but I just upset. 
For some reasons that I don't even know.
Yeah maybe I'm jealous but it's not hate.
 & having this feeling seems so low.
There's things that mess me up, but i know it'll go.
So, better smile instead of cry.
I'm prefer say hi rather than goodbye.
But still i don't know why that I've been so shy.
& that the reasons why for the things that I ever cry.
Living like a Barney, acted like Mickey.
I'm so lucky but I'm not so happy.

when there's spotlight, nobody saw me cry.

enjoying the weekend!

Big apple! we're craved for it!

The shirt: Angry Bird ( Teletubies version: I'm Po~~)

Speckiers: instead of buy it, just snap it!

LOL!! on the road. at nite. **shining bright**

see. I'm enjoying the days & nites. 
nobody knows how I feel deep inside.
I'm so lucky ! 
But just ~~
I'm not so happy.

miss uoollllsss`~

love yaa <3

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