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Thursday, 29 March 2012


i'm doing wrong. now. at this moment. i really means this seconds. i shouldn't be here.
*someone might wondering where the heck that i am now.*
don't be so negative! i'm not at the night club updating my blog. and for sure i'm not in the lockup or prison. * be resonable, it's no way that police will let me updating my blog there right?*


time to reveal!
 i'm on my bed, in my room.

# then, why did i said i shouldn't be here?
i have my OPM class now. (8.30pm-10.30pm) but i'm here, escaping. skipping my class.

# & i realize that i'm wrong? 
yup. cause it's a student crime!

# then why still i'm doing it?
cause i know that even if i'm going to the class, i'll be sleepy & i didn't give full attention. so, what's the point?

# why am i predicting the negative things? 
no.i'm not predicting. i'm afraid that it's really happens.

# so, looks like i'm so afraid & doing wrong?
guess so. maybe kott.

# is that the only reason i'm skip the class?
nope. actually i just woke up from my evening sleep just now, i'm late. & the main reason is I'm lazy & i'm feel like i'm doing anything ~~ =DD

i'm sleep. then alarm snoozing. & this is what i'm doing just now. =="

i'm feel so guilty. hmmm.

*chilll yahhh!!! (to myself)

love yaa. <3

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