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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The "study" mode

when you wanna study, don't ever say "later".. 
and then, you sleep first, set alarm to wake you up for the " later"..
but then,  the alarm is not working..
and you overslept..
and to study, I guess I don't have the mode anymore.

: that's what just happened now and here.

but I keep going. woke myself up, walked to the table with all the books on it and the "lappy".
And here I am, "lappy" over books. update all the " facebooks, blog, tumblr, twitter & so on..

okay.fine. I have to change the mode & the channel.
online mode => study mode.

cause I have ( checklist) for tomorrow: *tension*
~ presentation on law
~law quiz
~submit mandarin video * which have to be edited again & again*
~law test * covers 2 chapter*

and tomorrow is the last day of class for my first term in Uni's life. * happy*
Be prepared for the upcoming final exam yeahh!!  * nervous*

get back to study. off-blogging.

love y'all! ^^

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