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Sunday, 11 December 2016

If I could work from home, I would

I might be stressful but I never weak, still stand stronger than ever
Im 24. This year.

And about 03 weeks, we're going to enter a new year, 2017 and one month after that, I will be 25. Yes. 25. 

That is fascinating how time flies, i still remember when i was younger, a teenager, im always dreaming about being a working adult, have my own money, buy things that i want, and stuff.  

And now that im in that position, that adult, i have my own money BUT together with some liabilities, which i never knew about when i was younger, I do buy things that i want BUT one at a time and i have to check the price first.

It just different. When we are younger, we didn't know those things. Like, we own a car by using loan (unless we are rich we pay cash) and loan need to be paid monthly without fail and our money is limited to pay or buy everything that we needed/wanted/required, that, we have to continuously working to earn the money.

And the issue here is the working part. Some people earn big money with low-pressure job, some people have high-pressure job but earn  a little and sometimes high-pressure job can give you big money also, it depends on the job scope.

And might be depends on the individuals, work field. How they deal with their working environment, time, tasks, etc. will affect their performance and emotions at work.

Whatever it is, i think my current job is not for me. I get stressful a lot, always angry and irritated and frustrated at all the time for some very small little things.

It is not the job, it is me. 

The job need us to be around, to be available at all the time, any time, which, i can't afford.

I need my own time, my personal time, with family, with friends and if i have a boyfriend, i need time to be with him also if not i can kena tinggal at any time. Should I thanked God that I never had one?!!! And because of this job, I didn't even have time to look for one. !! And im going to be 25 soon, very soon.

And i hate that i have to commit so much for this job. Because it is ridiculous to attend clients at all the time, any time they want.

Let take this as a challenge and once you get some other opportunity, go for it because life is not about enduring the hardships and stress, life is about trying new things, learn new stuffs and we will see life in wider perspective.

Things will get better.
When the job is right for you, you will think of it as a career.
And a career never make you think of giving up.