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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Just another day.
Eat, pray, and love. And Repeat.
Remembering every minutes.
Eloquence. A quiet eloquence.
Maybe it just another ordinary day.
I'm with me and myself.
Alone and lonely.
Here. Home.

I bet anyone having the same lonely day as mine ?
The unusual quiet me.
But deep inside I'm talking, louder and clear.
Am I ?

I just gonna say.
Leaving every words.
Yes. I am.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day

So I read it. The book by Melissa Kantor.
This is the cover. Attractive enough to make me pick it up from the bookshelf.
First of all, I really enjoyed reading the book that I can't wait till next day to finish it so I have finished it all in two days. (plus minus all the dinner and shower time)

Well, if you appreciates friendship very much, you would cry like thousands times for every chapters. Cause I do. Cause it pretty much about how their friendship bonds is all about. The sharing and caring relationship, they really do it for real. 

It very rare for us to see friendship like Zoe and Olivia, too close like sisters. Even sisters are not that much close to each other sometimes. So, it very touched how they treat each other, in the face of tragedy.

And so I wish that I have that kind of friendship too, the kind of always-being-there-for-you friends no matter in what circumstances.Or maybe I already have.  

So that's it. Nice writing. So nice. 

P/s : Glad that I make another purchase for this one.  Hiks !

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I never know since when that I really loves reading till I bought so many books and I addicted to buy some more. Maybe I just addicted to buy books or what, I don't know. But still it's not a bad thing no ?
Of course not  ! 
Cause books and foods are the two things that we should never regret buying in our life. 
(This is some quote from my friend, like randomly said when we're buying books.)

Last Sunday I went out with these two besties of mine since high school.
So, normally, friends would watching movie, eat and hang out, so that's what we do too. 
And we also went to bookstores and of course buy books.

We found this one really good book that we both buying one. So I guess I have to start my reading with this one, entitled Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor.

It says, 
In the face of tragedy, friendship is everything.
I guess that quote just catch my eyes to read it and (since I haven't read it to the end) I bet it's a very good book that I do cry when I read it.

So Tadaa !

"Let's us read, let's us dance, these two amusements will never do any harm to the world."