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Thursday, 3 July 2014

World Cup 2014

My choice of World Cup is 

Yes !

Of course the main reason I chose this team is because of that man in No.10


So, later at 4 am, Brasil vs Columbia,

Good Luck !
And I'll be watching it. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Move On

There are things in life that we just have to ignore and let go. And just move on.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Thanks is the only word.

I'm so glad that in my life I met so many great friends that being so kind to me, tho they have different personalities, but together they cheer up my life.

I'm so ..

I think I'm growing up and growing old. I've met many people, learn many things and changed. Yes, I have changed. Like in a good way maybe.

I may not a totally bad person but not a nice one either. I have the good and bad in me. Before, when I was in middle school, I have this kind of mindset that people just get along with people who have the same humors as they are. I couldn't stand anyone who have different opinions from me, like I would get mad easily. I hate the fact that their opinions are so silly and why don't they just accept mine. And now that I changed (I think I have but I don't know if I do), I know I'm growing mature over things like that. That everyone have their own opinions and you just need certain way to deal with it, accept it, argue about it, ignore it, it depends on yourself. You're the one that should decide how you want to deal with it. 

But now that I changed, people think that I'm a good friend, like always nice, always say good things and do good deeds. Always accept who they are. Yes, maybe I am. Like such an idiot sometimes. Just listen to what they want, bear with their anger, their selfishness, their moods AND sometimes,  I JUST GETTING SUCK OF ITS. I hate being this Mother Theresa, advise them and comfort them and stuff, why did I be the one who shall bear with those attitudes ? Because simply, I want peace. I hate argument. I hate people who always think of what they want, what they think, what they need, what their stories are, what their life is all about, all about them. I think if I ever ask, they will never knew that I ever get mad at them sometimes, for being so childish. And I can't even express my thoughts in front of them because I don't wanna be like them, saying things out loud and make things harder. I prefer to just stay quiet, and go with the flows.

But there are some friends that I met are really nice, i feel comfortable with that make me feels like home. Like family. They make me so comfortable that I can show my anger at them (because that is who I am, I get sulk and emotional easily if you really know me). I can express my feelings well with friends that I comfortable with if they ever realize that. I bet they did not. 

I just feel so stress and fed up.

I can't do anything.

I'm already at the limit of my patience. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

4th of May

Dear the Best Papa in the world,

Happy Birthday !!!

I tryna' make a call but he's working so can't pick up my call. Busy I bet.

So, let's just tell the world that today is your birthday.
Love him wholeheartedly !

Thanks for everything.

4th of May, Papa was born. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Just another day.
Eat, pray, and love. And Repeat.
Remembering every minutes.
Eloquence. A quiet eloquence.
Maybe it just another ordinary day.
I'm with me and myself.
Alone and lonely.
Here. Home.

I bet anyone having the same lonely day as mine ?
The unusual quiet me.
But deep inside I'm talking, louder and clear.
Am I ?

I just gonna say.
Leaving every words.
Yes. I am.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day

So I read it. The book by Melissa Kantor.
This is the cover. Attractive enough to make me pick it up from the bookshelf.
First of all, I really enjoyed reading the book that I can't wait till next day to finish it so I have finished it all in two days. (plus minus all the dinner and shower time)

Well, if you appreciates friendship very much, you would cry like thousands times for every chapters. Cause I do. Cause it pretty much about how their friendship bonds is all about. The sharing and caring relationship, they really do it for real. 

It very rare for us to see friendship like Zoe and Olivia, too close like sisters. Even sisters are not that much close to each other sometimes. So, it very touched how they treat each other, in the face of tragedy.

And so I wish that I have that kind of friendship too, the kind of always-being-there-for-you friends no matter in what circumstances.Or maybe I already have.  

So that's it. Nice writing. So nice. 

P/s : Glad that I make another purchase for this one.  Hiks !

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I never know since when that I really loves reading till I bought so many books and I addicted to buy some more. Maybe I just addicted to buy books or what, I don't know. But still it's not a bad thing no ?
Of course not  ! 
Cause books and foods are the two things that we should never regret buying in our life. 
(This is some quote from my friend, like randomly said when we're buying books.)

Last Sunday I went out with these two besties of mine since high school.
So, normally, friends would watching movie, eat and hang out, so that's what we do too. 
And we also went to bookstores and of course buy books.

We found this one really good book that we both buying one. So I guess I have to start my reading with this one, entitled Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor.

It says, 
In the face of tragedy, friendship is everything.
I guess that quote just catch my eyes to read it and (since I haven't read it to the end) I bet it's a very good book that I do cry when I read it.

So Tadaa !

"Let's us read, let's us dance, these two amusements will never do any harm to the world."

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hair color : LIESE

So, tonight I'm dying my hair. with this type of hair color product and what I can say is 
Convenient and Easy. 
But please !!!
Noted: Please read the instructions carefully cause it's really confusing. 
And just follow the instructions.

I'm just get bored with my hair so I want to change the color so it may change my mood too. And I chose marshmallow brown. I don't know the result of my hair yet. Hope it will looks nice and amazing.

So, 30 mins has passed.
Gotta go wash it !

P/s: Thanks to my friend who help me with this. Many thanks !

The tragedy.

Maybe it's a bit late for me to mention anything about MH370 as it had happened almost 3 weeks ago. But still, it is the main topic in the world these days since it had happened.

Not to mention news channels, even the tweeters, facebookers, bloggers and any online social networking users still keep on talking and mention about this mysterious tragedy.

Honestly, this is the saddest tragedy ever happened as for me. I do cried when I watches the news, the sad family. It breaks my heart. I just can't imagine what would I do if it happens to me.

It is very sad for the families, relatives and friends to keep on hoping for good news but ended up like this. Southern Indian Ocean ? It is a deep dark ocean.  Like seriously dangerous and terrifying for us to watch. To survive, we need miracles. But miracles do happen. All we need to do is have faith and never stop believing that God's there for us.

Well, I sure know that they say it's impossible to survive there but it just hard to believe that as we didn't see the plane debris with our very own eyes. For the families, it is sure the hardest part; forced to believe that they're gone but your heart just keep on hoping. They're there. Still there. That's hard !

And about those rumors and speculations on what's happening now, just be wise. Peoples like to think, speculate, analyse and do whatever things on something like this. It could be true, or not. But as it involves feelings, sensitivity and all, then better stop. Keep those speculations just among you and your friends. Don't tell the Twitter or whatever. They will tell everyone about it.

I just hate saying Condolences cause it's not gonna make them feel better. As long as me myself knows that I do care then it's enough. God knows.