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Monday, 29 April 2013

Bukan bukan

cerita kedai kopi.
bukan pasal gossip artis atau politik.
tentang kisah sebuah ajaib.
tentang seorang dia dan si dia.

Hahhahhaahahhahahahah. saja ketawa.
bukan cerita lucu, tapi dalam cerita perlu ada nada.
nada ketawa.

mati kutu. kepala batu. otak beku. lidah kaku.
saat itu sahaja.
saat lain dia ketawa, bercerita macam biasa.

kadang kadang hairan.
kadang kadang lebih dari satu.
pun boleh.
entah macam mana.
kadang kadang boleh rasa.
sama sahaja.
yang penting ada.
itulah masalah dia.

mungkin tak sama.
lain lain. tapi susah nak bezakan.
susah nak pahamkan.
saya pun tak paham.

Ini teka teki. buat siapa siapa tahap sastera sama macam saya. dia paham. tapi saya pun tak paham sangat.

Breaking weekend

From previous entry. im out of topic cause the thing that i want to share is how im ends this past midtermbreak. i didn't back home so here im, going round and round. 

First of all. im went to Johor. attend some carnival. something about entrepreneurship if im not mistaken. its should be fun as im went there with ma housemates. but things goes wrong sometimes. watever it is, still, im safely back to here. actually it just for 2days n 1 night only.  

Enjoying nothing but heartache-ing.

(I really hope that one day i'll be going to Johor again to visit there. never get the chance tho this is my 2nd time going there.)

Back to Malacca. We went shopping. movie-ing. and cooking.

Tang yuan, shopping and Pooh & Piglet

then I spent my weekend at bestie's house. she is here for practical. so, as we both at Malacca. time for gathering !! we've not seen each other like a year i guess. plus minus. ^^ but

Friendship bonds will never be broken for something like distance.
(read this somewhere back then)

if we were highschool girls, we might doing something fun, adventurous, exciting and crazy. but we are maturing. so, we do something different. like cooking ? hahaaa. yeah. we spend our days to make something delicious. quite interesting huhh. btw, it was fun.
Kek Batik, Donut, Tang yuan, And chicken curry. 
apart of that, we'll do gossipation. a must thing for girls. just talking actually. about how we've been doing these days. how's life. and everything. and remembering some nostalgic moments we shared together back in school. how nice.

and yayyy !!! this week. we are not alone. these two girls will come and join us. i bet it will be so muchh funn. I miss them. for those who can't join us. we miss u guys. ( u know who u are)

Lonely Girl !

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Out of topic

Today is the end of my midterm break. Which means  'Party over. Time to get a life, people! '
Yeah right. It's time for me to wake up and stop dreaming. Midterm is over. I should focus and prepare for the final. (That's too early I guess) wateva!
I want to be well-prepared for this sem. Cause I don't wanna feel down anymore. I didn't show it but I do. From a dean listed result to a so-so result make me hmmmm. Unspeakable. I feel like im going down down and down. From a science side to accountancy. From 3A to 4. From 3.53 to 3.23. Cool. None of my performance getting better. And I'm not even actively join any clubs here. Which is why my uni life isn't as the way I expected when I was a school kid. Whose faults is that if its not mine. Its my life. I deal with it on my own.
Actually this is not the things I want to speak about. I want to talk about my midterm break. But I'm OUT!
P/s: Sincerely this is an advice, a throwback, a little reminder to myself. ♡♥  

《One thing: This is my 4th sem at uni. 
And I really want to make a real awesome memories here.For real.》

I wish my teen life would be dramatic as Gossip Girl. XOXO.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A soliloquies.

I learned since secondary school and still remembered it now.
I didn't know that this is a famous soliloquies by famous person back then.


Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
Til the last syllable of recorded time.
And all our yesterdays light fools the way to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle, life is but a walking shadow,
A poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage
Then is heard no more.
It is a tale told by an idiot,
Full of sound and fury,
Signifying Nothing.

By William Shakespeare

Sharing is Daring. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Terasa Hati

Hey. Shalom.

Either talk less, do more OR talk more, do less.
Either good or bad.
Sometimes, even good people do bad things & bad people do good things.
We can't do the judgement.

Umpama orang merokok, tahu akibat buruk tapi tak nak berhenti juga. mungkinkah sikap itu satu addiction yang susah nak dilepaskan. 

you never know how i feels about you until i told u so.

Peace no war. No offense.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Will you, you and you be my BEST FRIENDS forever ??

The names will always stay in deepest place of my heart.
Seriously u guys !!

I really miss u guys. Our bonds might not always sweet but it's never tear apart. Everything seems so wrong right now. That we even hardly talk to each other on the phone. Everyone have their own life and walk through their own dreams. And those friendship that we worship at most seems to be so dime and dull. like it's only old school memory that should not be taken seriously. even if there's some time and space, still nobody initiates to meet up. Guess we are not that into each others nowadays. Not to mention u guys, me too. we're all have that new 'best-friends-that-feels-like-world' (like we used to).

Girls, this is not our fault either. we're just living our life maybe. And we forget some people that were so important to us. we are not even caring about how each one of us doing these days. It upset me.

" Rindu mai agi maya suba. walaupun setakat bekaban pia pia aja. enda nyangka pun kitai akan rapat sampai form 5. taja pun kitai selalu ja belaya, selalu enda puas hati, bejaie pangan diri, tapi tetap ga kitai begulai baru. belaya enda lama dah nyak ketawa baru. engka semua dah bisi mayuh kaban baru tang anang enda ingat bala sida jegit okay! "

cc: Debra Michele, Katerina Birang, Resty jeliah, Elliecia Mirza, Phristella Serlly, Tiffany Jerry, Shyarrine Liah, Neelwana Jaimin, Stemarlia Burat, Evelyn Intik, Sylvia Sulau Wan.

P/s: A news from an old friend shocked me. I really want to blame myself for that.

Update status

Egoistic menguasai. saya lapar. Pizza please!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hari ni ada apa?

So, first of all, y'alls ....

hey hey ho  !!!
Hari nie bangun awal sangat (cause it's so weird if u wake at 6.30a.m on weekend ) ! tapi bukan laaa buang tabiat or wat, but i got something to do.

saya jadi Fasilitator !

" Pada sabtu, 6 april 2013 (8 pg - 5 ptg) Peer's Club UiTM KBM akan mengadakan Program Peer's Sehari Bersama Pembimbimbing Rakan Sebaya.
Program ini akan dijalankan di Aras 6 UiTM KBM.
Sekolah jemputan adalah PRS SMK Tun Syed Zahiruddin dan SMKA Sharifah Rodziah.
Seramai 30 org ahli Peer's diperlukan untuk menjadi Fasilitator untuk progam yang bakal dijalankan. 
Latihan dan bimbingan sebagai Fasilitator akan diberikan. 
Sijil dan KI akan diberikan." 

And it was so fun and interesting that we can see the character of each of the students. Make we recall of my  little sister a lots as they are around of the same age with her. And it's make me missing of my memory as school's student.  Rindu zaman sekolah. rindu kawan kawan. rindu bahas. rindu tarian. rindu syarahan. rindu sajak. rindu dikir barat. rindu koir. rindu cikgu. rindu everything about the school.
Instead of teach them something, I think I'm more to learn. watching them make me realized how innocent we was, how honest we were back in school. seems a little different compared to now. As we growing up, we trying to push ourselves to adapt, to accept and never being honest. heart to heart conversation seems so difficult to be reached.

"Even just in one day, they leave me something i can't buy from bookstore. A memory. The sweet one."

The event ended around 6 p.m. So, tired. I'm asleep till 11.30 p.m. seriously, i'm hungry. wake up and looking for the girls next door. I need FOODS. 
so, after all the talking and persuading and consideration, off to Hang Tuah Char kuey Tiaw. 

The Char Kuey Tiaw is SUPERB !!  

So, here some conflict. A simple conversation that lead to something hurt me. I means it's because i'm the one who saying something to no one. cause nobody HEARs what am i saying. Like i'm talking to myself. yeahh. It's hurt and i'm kind of doing this stupid-childish-sulking looking cause i am merajuk. Not really. terasa hati je. Actually there's nothing to be mad of, it just cause i HATE people laugh at me the MOST !!
and they says like " my kind ( monkey's year borniee) really have this kind of SO-BAD-IN-HANDLING-FEELINGS character. "  I'm not denied but i don't really agreed either. It's depends on situations. Guess I' not really good in handling my mood if my close friends is laughing at me in front of others (who is not very close with me even if we know each other). That's the actual reason why i'm pretend like 'i'm sulks actually i'm not' cause i'm HATE being treated as someone who's funny ( like funny in STUPID ways). 

Hahhaha. Actually. I'm Good. it's okay. Just that I like to be mad even if i'm not that mad cause it is the only way that people stop fooling around too much with me.  okay?? 

Dah. Dah. Dah. I'm stop here. 

Sharing is super sexy !!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Food not Allowed

Dear family & friends, please don't post or talking about your eating or craving 
or anything regarding foods cause I'm ON DIET !!!

I should have this sign in my room, my classes and all the way from home to classes.

P/s : I'm getting nowhere but fatthere&here. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

BIG Problem

Help me ! I really want to burn this Fats & reduce my weight !!!!!!!!! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

wake up !

wake up at 4 in the morning but actually the official one is 5 am. 

Main reason :

 still the reason :

And actual reason :

I got  & in next 3 hours.

P/s : still manage to update this entry to wake me up before doing so and so.

Orang Hodoh Cantik

I'm just finished reading this book : Orang Hodoh Cantik

salah satu buku yang mungkin akan jadikan aku promoter buku.

Seriously i like reading. This kind of book. The writing is impressive. Mengujakan. 
* maybe it would be so sweet & romantic if I read it at a single seat with small table in the hallway cafe on rainy day while sipping a cup of coffee. *

P/s : It taught me to be a real romantic lover.