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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mom, Happy birthday!

Photo: This is SIDIAH ALEH

she's my mom. & i'm her daughter. we're mother & daughter.

today is 30.03.2012 right?
so, based on the IC, today is her birthday! 

Happy birthday mom!! 

Love u muchoooooo~~~

Till now, I think I never wish her birthday cause we might feel that so cheesy.
& we never celebrate it together. 
her birthday just like the ordinary day of her everyday life.
& as for today, she's at Bintulu, while i'm here at Malacca.
obviously we're can't celebrate it. 

somehow, I wish the best for my mom! Thanks for everything!
 i know i'll never get any others mom in this world. 
she's my the one & only Mom..
& she's 

Dear mom, 
even if u never say it out loud, I know that u really care bout us, 
even if u scold us, I know that u love us, 
even if u mad at us, I know that u didn't mean that.

& I want u to know, 
I never say "I love u" everyday, but I do
I ever mad at u, but I still love u
& I sorry for everything little things that make u cry
I know that sometimes I never understand how u feels
But I Love u mom.

Congrats for having us, The KEND:
Konnie Jati
Emmalin Naggie (me)
Normi Entika
Darron Medang

& Congrats for having ur beloved husband (our papa)
Baring Labang

Happy 45th Birthday MOM!!

*I wish that one day, i'll able to make a big celebration for ur birthday. >.<*

p/s: if i ever say this infront of my mom, i think my face will turns into really really RED!! so cheesy.hhahahhaha. Btw, ilovingumom. (i'm tearing)

love yaa <3


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