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Friday, 27 April 2012

A Monologue

Being a nice girl like me is so tiring.
That's why I wanna be a bad girl sometimes.
But I'm NOT into it.
So I'm back to being myself. The old me.
Nobody knows me better EXCEPT me MYSELF.

I can be BAD & NICE at the same time.
Being so SAD & SMILE at the same time.
Everyone done that.
But I do that most often.

Thinking so much after watching others' life.
Get envious easily.

I'm confuses, which one is fake & real?
Hard to understand. Hard to believe.
Keeps on thinking. Keeps on have faith.

 P/s: Just a thinking, can't talk, so I'm just go with the writing.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Secret

Just love the moment it's happen
Back then feel so sweet
The way everything happens

Waiting for the day
Sometimes it's there
Somehow it's not

It had started
I wonders when will it end?

Happening no more.
Try to let it go
Try for another try

Still hoping
Wondering the end of story
Will it end differently?

P/s: I'm too good in hiding secret, even The Diary never knows about it.

The Rainy Night

Heyy hoooo! The Holiday is almost end. I'm back to here, Malacca. Ma 2nd home.
Doing nothing but messing around.
 Today, we went out. & we'd watched movie ( The Cabin In The Woods ) till midnite, and it's suddenly started raining. And there were no taxi, so we're just sat on the "provided" chair waiting for rain to stop or taxi to come or any help. and Thank God there are good friends exist in this world. They bring us umbrella & even plastic bags for cover. And left us behind after give us the umbrella & plastic bags. uhhhhukkkk! so sad. But we're just start walking, hoping for the road getting shorter. while thinking " how could they leave us in the middle of the night walking all alone across the streets. omaiigaddd!! "

suddenly. In the middle of the walk, 2 motorcycles slowly stops. 

& suprize!! It's the FRIENDS.
They back, bring along extra umbrellas for us. Offer us a ride to get home. 3 persons per motor! cool huhh. In raining. So sweet. They really care for us. Hahahha.

Although it's a dark night with lightning & rains, we can see the rainbow through our heart.

Totally Thankful. God blessed them. Amen.

P/s: Everything happen for a reason, now we know that we have such good friends here.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Midterm Holiday!

It's midterm Holiday!! Again. I'm come here, Kuala Lumpur. Staying at Bernadine's cousin' house. who's with me?
For sure with the same person => Bernadine & Tifenny.

Today's Port: Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

Nice shot huhh! credit to : Bernadine

Take a snap on Apple PC's webcam. nice Brand!

For tomorrow:
Going to having a lots of walk here. spent some money. Just to have some fun.
Hope to meet some friends tomorrow. 
It's in planning. A promise to fullfil.

Check it out for tomorrow. ^^

Nite Peeps!! 

Funny moment Here:
Opps! we'd met Samy Vellu at Padini. Ber tot he's Muthusamy.LOL.

again. Nite.nite.
P/s:  Spent your night at a place that don't belong to u gonna be so awkward & unease.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Extra Knowledge.

After a long time, akhirnya today Im updating my Blog. 
Seriously, i've been so Busssssyyyyyyy far the last few weeks ( this weeks also not EXCLUDED)! I means April such an 'Assignment' weeks bole takk!! ughhhhh!
Memang sangat-sangat-sangat & sangat memenatkan otak & mentaliti perasaan ku sebagai seorang insan yang bergelar pelajar (huhhh, kau!!).. 
 Tapi bukanlahh salah Lecturer, actually memang dah keja dorg arr nak bg assignment, presentation, mind map & ntah apa-apa lagi larrhh, idonknoe. 
But, the point is semua lecturer nak buat benda yang sama, so of course saya dah rasa lain macam dah.. rasa sangat tenssiiiiiiioooooonnnnn.. huhhh! 
tapi after hand in tasks tu semua, selesai presentation, rasa dia macam feedback tu not worth the efforts. Contoh, tido kul 4-5 pagi tapi esoknya presentation & assignment cam besa jerr. huhhh. sedeyhhhh larr kau! tapi takpa larrr. ini budaya budak menara gading yang sepatutnya kan. 
Pukul 12 bukan lagi waktu tidur tapi waktu menyiapkan ( last minute touch up ) assignment .. OPPsss!
* still I learns something more when I'm do more, so give me more Please!!!*

Rasanya minggu nie bulan nie cam terlebihhhh Lepak & terlebihhh Gosiiip & terlebiHHh  "talk heart to heart".
N of cozzz, kalo guna mulut, 2 jam rasa 2 minit, lain lahh kalo guna minda ( study) , 2 jam rasa 2 hari. ada bezanya kan?? yup.. beza sangat.
After all the conversation, The Gossipation & All the 'open heart session'.. terasa sesetengah hubungan lebih terbuka, lebih erat & lebih ikhlas. Banyak yang kita ketahui, tak semua perkara perlu dipendam, tak semua perkara perlu diluahkan.

Dan satu lagi, I really believe in " Don't Jugde the Book by it's Cover".
why..?? cause i knows so many friends, & usually they are not who's they looks like. they're so unpredictable. that's why i always try to getting knows others closely. ( for certain persons only, sometimes I really can't accept the outer personalities that I can't tolerate with, & I don't wanna getting knows more)
sometimes, kata-kata terlepas daripada mulut & ia tak dapat ditelan balik.. ada akibat daripada semua itu.

I learns two:
Do it 
  Understand them!


P/s: Gather the knowledge, I really wanna be a better person.

I'm a Hipokrit person, u never knew what inside me, not until I told u.

Bubye Peeps!!!
Love yaa. <3

Sunday, 1 April 2012

wake up.
preparing for my tomorrow assignment + supper

tweet-ing + facebook-ing

currently, blogging + sleepy

what a wasting day!
my day full of eating event & unnecessarily "social network" life. 
i should do something! 

pay attention on tomorrow event:
* presentation FIN
* discussion CTU
* revision HRM & OPM

Make a better day for tomorrow. God bless us. Amen.
 nite peeps!
Love yaa <3