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Friday, 23 December 2011

It's called LIFE.

Life isn't that bad. 
sometimes we smile, 
sometimes we cry & hurt..
But we will be laughing again.

There's a life. And it's wonderful.

Love y'all!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The "study" mode

when you wanna study, don't ever say "later".. 
and then, you sleep first, set alarm to wake you up for the " later"..
but then,  the alarm is not working..
and you overslept..
and to study, I guess I don't have the mode anymore.

: that's what just happened now and here.

but I keep going. woke myself up, walked to the table with all the books on it and the "lappy".
And here I am, "lappy" over books. update all the " facebooks, blog, tumblr, twitter & so on..

okay.fine. I have to change the mode & the channel.
online mode => study mode.

cause I have ( checklist) for tomorrow: *tension*
~ presentation on law
~law quiz
~submit mandarin video * which have to be edited again & again*
~law test * covers 2 chapter*

and tomorrow is the last day of class for my first term in Uni's life. * happy*
Be prepared for the upcoming final exam yeahh!!  * nervous*

get back to study. off-blogging.

love y'all! ^^

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Been so busy lately, lots of things happened & I just can't share all of it. 
Next week gonna be the busiest week for me ever in my Uni's life history. 
Maybe will be worse later but till now, this is the worst but I still have time to breath. 
Thanks God for that.

Presentation, assignment, test & quiz are part of my life now. 
Seriously, I'm tired & stressed. But, I'm more stressed with all the behaviors. 

Oh,come on people !!
Stop messing around with me. I don't speaks but I do hate. I'm not being here to stand with all of that.
The world is full of yours,yours & yours "probs". So, I don't wanna add on it.

Knowing & realizing but it doesn't make any changes. So, what's the point?
It's better for not knowing at all.

P/s: Don't bother it.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Come to me please
To write something here
There's a time,
Got that something in my mind
But it seems to be un"express"able
Just can't find the suitable words
And when the word is there
I'll be writing.

Writing. I guess I should say that its one of my interest. I love to write, no matters what kind of writing. The feeling will naturally turned the writing into a kind of genre. No matter bout anything, something, everything or whatever ___thing : the feeling, the situation, & the story.

The writing that told them what I wanna say.
To say it what in my mind.
& let's the voice of heart to be heard.

Love y'all!! <3

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Voice of Heart.

I'm trying.
Gives chances.
But nobody cares.
& nobody dares.

I'm lying.
Bout something.
That it's okay.
& I don't care.

In deep.
Getting nowhere.

I'm waiting.
Again & again.
For a fairy tale. 
Or miracle.
But still.
It's nothing.
So I'm leaving.

Lot's of love,

Love y'all!! <3

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Love Quotes

When heart is true, there's no need for words, even in silence, Love can be heard.

"Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall." 

Love is not something that happens on first sight,
it happens when you start knowing each other and
in turn end up needing each other,  for every feeling,
for every thought and for every moment."

"Never love a love that hurts, never hurt a love that loves."

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Obsession of danza

I fall in love wit........ Dance.

Just love it. And i'm into it.

Definition: An art form that generally related to the movement of body, usually rhythmic and  to the music, use as a form of expression, social presentation.

In my own opinion :
Dance is the expression of the feeling, the movement of the heartbeat, and it's an obsession.
No matter what types of dance, I just love it. 
As long as its express along with the music. Any kind of music.

Music & Dance : Near to my heart.

I've been so active in dance group : Kesenian Seri Cahaya Bandar back then.
 I get a lots of experiences & memory with this group.
And thanks a lots to my dance coach : Abang Chap who had sharpen my dance skills till I able to dance in front of everyone. Its a tough job back then.
And also the teacher that always be with our group, Miss Siti Norhayati.
Thanks a lots.
All the bad & good memory with all the dancer will always stay in heart.

And still I'm been so active in my matriculation college. As a "2nd intake"  & "Science =>> Accountancy" student, I really not interested to getting involved in dance anymore that I thought I'm might not able to concentrate on my study.
But then, I get forced by my best friend : yen,intik,neel & stem : to participated in dance audition for representative in KAKOM.

They even waited for me till the audition over.
And thanks God that I'm chosen. (that's for sure!hahaha.)
And I able to tell them the good news & make them proud. Feel happy to have friends that take good care of  your interest. Love them y'all!!

And I'm one of the dancer for Kakom which held in Johor. We got 3rd place. But still they praise for our dance attitude. So gorgeous!! aaww!!

We been so active in college with the dance activities. Everyday is practice day. 
Just missing all the moment & the days.
Feel so happy when I'm dance. Just happy.

Have to get some sleep. I have my eco test tomorrow. Haven't revise. Will be, maybe.
Good "dawn". Sweet dream.

Love yaa!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

All of Me

Welcome to the Land of Black Pearl.

Listen to the fairy tale of little black pearl. * Just a metaphora *

p/s: did you know me? maybe.
what do you know bout me? ....... * speechless*
wanna know bout me? guess so.
That's why, I should introduces myslef in proper way right?

Well, I"m Emmalin Naggie Anak Baring. An Ibanese from Bintulu, Sarawak. *my beloved hometown*.
I'm 19, going to be 20 in next two months. Born on 2nd February 1992. I'm the 2nd child in my family. I have 4 siblings, 3 of us are girls and the last one is the only "flower boy", my little cutie brother.
[I have a lots of connection with the digit number 2, do you realise that? That's why i say my lucky number will be number 2.]
And more bout me, I'm a fulltime student of UiTM Malacca. I'm taking BBA (Hons) Finance. Before, i'm was a student in Labuan Matriculation College (LMC) in Labuan for about one years. now, i'll be study in Degree for 3 years. Currently, I'm studying for my first semester in university.
what else??..
As usual, my ambition. What i wanna be??.. I"m not so sure but for sure I want to be success in my life. Be a role model for next generation. *high expectation huhh*. Honestly, there's no specific profession that I wanna be or interested. I just wanna get what i want and be the best.
My dreams, is to achieve the dreams that i dreamed. I dreamed to live in a beautiful life. be with my beloved family, friends and love. Be happy and smile. =)
And next, my obsession. I really into arts of life; dance, music, sports, photography, and poetry.

* That's all for my welcoming introduction.*

Keep following my blog to getting to know more bout me, myself & I...
 love yaaa..<3

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Brain vs Heart

Haven't sleep yet though I sleepy. Think bout all kind of stuffs.

The time before going to sleep is really an active moment for my Brain to works. 

It keeps on think. Think. Think & think. Till my Heart say : "Stop thinking Brain. Its time to sleep. and eyes should be shut down now..u better works again later. "

and Brain said : " Its all because of u, Heart
I just follows u. u wanna keep on blogging, so im gonna works for u."

Heart reply: " Fine.let's both stop now."

So, cause of those agreement, I will finish this post & gonna sleep tight.


and Dream, comes to me yahh !!! Be sweet k..<3

love y'all !!  ^.^

Monday, 28 November 2011

A Walk to Remember.

I'm here, in my room at Kolej Tun Mutahir in Malacca. Just arrived from KL. 
Going there to spent time with the besties ; Shyarrine Liah, Sylvia Sulau Wan, and Stevenson Usat. 
There's should be 2 more come with us ; Evelyn Intik and Neelwana Jaimin but they're got some programmes during their weekend. 
So just didn't manage to come lorhh. 
 I'm so tired cause we've been walking all along the street in KL I guess (hyperbola huhh? i just feel that way)..doesn't matter right, as long as we together, we would have so much fun. 
But the time seems to pass so fast. I have to change all the "having fun" mode to study mode. 
I might not realizes it but its seems like we're gonna have our final exam in one month. can u imagine that?? and I'm still can't adapt with the system here. 
And i never get that "study" mode. even once. 
I really have no single idea how to get that mode, to study and study.  
All that I think bout all the time is thinking. think bout what I wanna do, what I wanna eat, what I wanna do, whether i'm going to class or not, how to manage my budget..and all kind of stuffs. 
Ghoshhh, Im lazy to think! So just go with the flows.

Talk bout the time wit the besties, it was great & fun. Feel like im home. haha.
 I guess our friendship will never be apart by distance. 
It makes us more closer to each others. somehow, it sure feel good if all of us here. travelling together.* will be later *.. 

just capture the moment

with better pose

color our faces & peoples stare at us like we r criminals

before swimming 

capturin' the art of faces

our new friends - the cowie.

There's just few photos cause we have no full time photographer during this time.hehe. We did a lots of stuffs ; karaoke-ing, swimming (stand in the swimming pool actually..haha), "inai-ing", cooking together, playing pool, color-ing our face and of course, we sleeping together..< zzzzzzzzzzzz..>
Never imagine that we'll be this close before. hahha. By the way, love them so many much more!!haha..happy.happy.happy.=)

love yaa..<3!!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

11.11.11- special date!!

hi y'all!!'s 11.11.11 today. wanna make something special on this special date. but, what i wanna do huhh?? i cant do anything anything special by stay at this room till night. i got to go out huhh? yahh right but i guess i really wouldn't going anywhere today or make this date a special date. btw,who's care. it's just a date,a repeating number, and it's Friday night y'all!!!
till next!! just enjoy the day.
bye y'all!!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Photo's slideshow : Malacca's moments.

Hey..! Got something to share. I explore something to make my blog more interesting and and I found a website,or maybe a gadget..something related to slide show. So i'd make a try on my photos. And it's quite creative. So i shared it! try it if you want. Make your photos look more fun and enjoyable by turned it to a slide show..come on try on!
Well. For an example, This is it! The photos taken during a walk along the way in Malacca. 
By the way, I really wanna shares those photos thou, so why don't killing birds with one stone ? 
Sound pretty mean huhh? hahah.
Malacca is such a wonderful place thou, and full of history and facts. 
I learned it before in  secondary History textbook, but most of the time i more to sleep, so i'm not so detail in every single history. 
But who's cares? I'm here now, stands on the land of History in Malaysia. proud yaa! never imagined it before. Hahahha.
Since I furthering my study in degree here, then I'll be able to walks around here as much as i could. 
This is not my first time came here either, so less exciting I guess. 
But still, I enjoys every moment with all the friend here.
Hope I'll be here someday, having wonderful holidays with my family and those crazy besties - DKREPTSENSES...
That's it! time for the slideshow! Watch yaa!!

Ronda-Ronda Bandaraya Slideshow: Emmalin’s trip to Melaka, Melaka State, Malaysia was created by TripAdvisor. See another Melaka slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's holiday!! let sleep !!

Yo y'all!it's hoilday yahh! And all that i'm doing with both housemates are just surfing net, eating, and sleeping.
Feel like we're stuck in this small little room. I should be sleeping now,dream of something. but i just keep confront with this lappy to tell what am I doing. What's the point yaa?? Sucks huhh!
Ok.Let's plays some games then SLEEP!  zzzzzzzzzZZZZZ..
Bye y'all.
Love yaa!

Friday, 4 November 2011

uni's life- BORING?

hey y'all!!

It's November! been two months living in uni's life. I guess i more to a loner life than a student life.
 It was so boring in those few weeks which full of assignment,quizzes, tutorial, homework and all the study stuff..- and it sucks so boring! 
I hate it so much. I like study but at least i have some other time of having a interesting time. all that I'd been just - wake up in the morning, take a rush bath, get ready of myself, walking to the campus, attend the classes, eating at food stall, going back to hostel, tired, online, and sleeping.
 And tomorrow it's still the same. It's a everyday routine. *sigh.
 I anticipate for more enjoyable moment here.
 But it's not, i means till now it's not enjoyable at all. one word for it-BORING. 
Now, i really missing all the time i'd having in matrix's life. 
So much more fun than here. Back then, I had dance practice till night, doing stupid stuff with both my roomates at midnight, watching movie together, hangout at field watching the guys plays football, and full of college's event every weekend. 
I'd been so busy but i'm lovin' it. 
I hope I can have an enjoyable this week - holiday week!  - with both housemates.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Who am I?

I've been write and delete a lots of sentence again and again.
Think about what I want to write on my first blog.
Well, I'm new here. Such a hard thing to do i guess.
And why am i forces myself to write then? I wonder why also.
Whatever. I still have to write the next sentence till it become a blog.  
Okay. Let's move on what I want to talk bout myself, my life, my journey and my dreams. 
No need to say all the  full name, nickname or favorite colors, it's not a resume anyways. 
Just a simple synopsis of who I am. 
Being a person, I'm a kind with a lots of thinking skills, means I think so much of things bout anything happened around me. Like what I see, heard or maybe I experienced it myself.
Think bout why it's happened like that, is it a good thing or bad, my point of view bout it and such things.
Then, when something came up, a friend told her problems, I'ma be the one who give the most brilliant advice. Looks like I'm an expert bout it huhh? Yeah. Kind of maybe.
But it's not just from my experiences, most of it just my point of view.
And it just seems to make sense sometimes.
And I feel good about it. 
Honestly, I'm so fickle-minded in anything that I do. And I do really hate that kind of me.
 I want to be more confident in decision that I make.
 I hope I can do it. I'm so easy to be influences by anything or anyone surround me.
I can be so bad and be so nice. It's all depend.
Somehow, I still have the principles of my life that I will try hard to make my life brighter in future, never do something that might ruins my life.
I can try new things, good or bad, as long as i'm not addicted to it.
*p/s: it's not drug okay!
 Hard to find out yourself who you really are. We need somebody to described who are we.
Last but not least, I hope that I can be who I am. Just stop pretend to be someone else.
Live life's to the fullest. Stay to smile. Overcome all the challenges.
Thanks to all the inspiration that come to me.!!
That's all for now.
Love yaa..<3