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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Pajamas

We just bought these pajamas.
We like it so much.
Taking photos feel like we're always so young, fun and exciting.
Laugh Out Loud. #LOL
cc: wanwan

 you got me crazy like no other !

" We're totally being a girly girl who trying to be REAL girlish. !! Aww !! "

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April Fool

It's April Fool !! 

Ghoshh. Really missing the moment when i'm so into April Fool. But now, not anymore. 
I'm grown up. Hahha.
By the way, wanna share the biggest April Fool I ever made.

Well. Back in Labuan, I "April fool"-ing my sister & mom once saying that i'm going out with my friends at night. I said my friends who drive our car doesn't have car license so we got busted with police. I'm saying all the scary stuff that my mom worried and don't even know whether to mad or angry at me. Until she's started to nagging at me, i'm so Enough ! And Ta-Da ! April Fool!! HHAHHA. OMG. It was awful. And then, second victim was my big sister who studying at Kuching. I'm asking my mom to lie with me. So, my mom called her and saying my lecturers called home telling i didn't back to hostel for like 2 days. My mom asking where am i and whether she know anything about my disappearance. #itwassocrazy  My sister getting so worried and anxious that she calling me for like 5 times. I purposely didn't answer her phone call at first that i bet she must be so curious with i'm doing. Then i answered and she started saying all the things that i expected to hear. Saying things like I shouldn't do whatever things that i've done and for short, she's nagging at me till I'm so regret for making those lies.(Yes !!! she's really into this thing. ) Lastly, when she asked me what happened now, i'm said " the police said April FOol !!" She went "what? what? I don't understand!" 

Tell you what, it's not really a good game tho. If someone have heart disease, it would be the end of story. No more fools. no more lies. 

Actually that was 3 years ago. After that year, my family always tried to fool me. But i always being so alert at 1st April not to be fooled. Hope this year going well too without being fooled. 

P/s: For all those lies, I'm so sorry. April Fool ! >.< 


This is my DRUGS !

Bought these drugs yesterday.

Its pretty much addictive that I finished up one of these. #LiveThroughThis by Mindi Scott
Gotta keep it up with the next one. will be #ReasonToBreath.
still, tomorrow is Monday & I should postpone this for next weekend. Maybe. or Not ?

Gahhh ! why care too much.
Reading novels such a good habit tho that I get to live my life in other unusual world.
I like this habit despite the facts that it steal my precious time to live my own life.

P/s : read this while listen to beautiful melodies tracks ! every part seems so romantic and touchy. =D

" Sharing is super duper sexy & hilarious ! "

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just Talking.

" Being myself sometimes never give that kind of satisfaction that I'm started to doubt myself. This life isn't the one that i want. I want different. But way better. tell me that i'm an ungrateful bitch that always feel so lifeless and envious toward others but that's me. I mad at myself for what i feel but it didn't change the way i think. I'm look around and always realizing that they are so lucky. seriously. maybe there are quotes that says we never know their life stop judge who they are. Hell yeah ! come on. I'm not judging them but i'm so envying them that I can't live my own life. Like the one that i saw yesterday, after watching some movies, we just don't know what to do with our life. Told you what, movies and peoples does affect my life. The way they dress up, they talk, they walk, they survive and they live. All of it. Like they live in the one I watch in the movie, the one that i read in story book, the one that heard in fairy tales. But mine? I don't wanna blame anyone. Nobody right or wrong. This is me and my life. I'm gifted for something that I don't know. I'm gifted with something that I can't see with my own eyes. I'm gifted with something that I guess nobody even care to feel jealous. Is it true? I really wanna feels how they feel about me. Does anyone ever realized or noticed about me? Bet they wouldn't. well. Maybe I never know. How can I manage to live in them to see my life? If magic does exist, then maybe it would be great. And i can see my life through my own eyes. I don't know what that i'm nonsense-ing here. I just i'm feel like writing and saying these stupid things. Hope nobody will read this and that nobody will never tell anyone and don't even care. " 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


# Live, Love, Laugh # Laughing Out Loud #

P/s : 
' You don't need that beautiful feelings to be last for a thousand years
cause even just for a seconds can be so meaningful. '