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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Who am I?

I've been write and delete a lots of sentence again and again.
Think about what I want to write on my first blog.
Well, I'm new here. Such a hard thing to do i guess.
And why am i forces myself to write then? I wonder why also.
Whatever. I still have to write the next sentence till it become a blog.  
Okay. Let's move on what I want to talk bout myself, my life, my journey and my dreams. 
No need to say all the  full name, nickname or favorite colors, it's not a resume anyways. 
Just a simple synopsis of who I am. 
Being a person, I'm a kind with a lots of thinking skills, means I think so much of things bout anything happened around me. Like what I see, heard or maybe I experienced it myself.
Think bout why it's happened like that, is it a good thing or bad, my point of view bout it and such things.
Then, when something came up, a friend told her problems, I'ma be the one who give the most brilliant advice. Looks like I'm an expert bout it huhh? Yeah. Kind of maybe.
But it's not just from my experiences, most of it just my point of view.
And it just seems to make sense sometimes.
And I feel good about it. 
Honestly, I'm so fickle-minded in anything that I do. And I do really hate that kind of me.
 I want to be more confident in decision that I make.
 I hope I can do it. I'm so easy to be influences by anything or anyone surround me.
I can be so bad and be so nice. It's all depend.
Somehow, I still have the principles of my life that I will try hard to make my life brighter in future, never do something that might ruins my life.
I can try new things, good or bad, as long as i'm not addicted to it.
*p/s: it's not drug okay!
 Hard to find out yourself who you really are. We need somebody to described who are we.
Last but not least, I hope that I can be who I am. Just stop pretend to be someone else.
Live life's to the fullest. Stay to smile. Overcome all the challenges.
Thanks to all the inspiration that come to me.!!
That's all for now.
Love yaa..<3