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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dilemma: Futsal: A2B: Happy: Yellow card

This is what i feels now. so happpy! till i don't want to stop my smile.=)

The reason why??
I'm really enjoys Today moments!! I have my dilemma before.
I have 2 events for today, either to join facial treatment *for free* or Futsal.
& I do confused. I'm not so good in sport & I think that it's ok even if i didn't join the futsal.
and i really wanna join the facial treatment class.
I know that i can get benefit from it on how to take care of our facial skin. 

somehow, I choose to join Futsal cause I'm more to sports person (even if  i'm not good at it..=P). I just wanna have fun. i know which one is more exciting!  & it's totally fun & enjoyable!

We made a group with a name : A2B.
A2B stand for  part 2 group A & B.. 
it's my idea.. ahhahah. i'm so creative right! hahahah.
Btw, the name really bring the Luck!
we're not very good in futsal, most of us are plays for the first time.
But the result was too good, We win!!!! hahahah.
[can't u believe that?! sure u should believe it!]
nice huhh??..really nice..

there's something...
so funny & i can't believe it too..
our team made a record too, the only group that got YELLOW CARD!
WAS! [what's a suprise!]
& the one who got that card is ME! yup, it's me!
ahahhahahhaha. well, i do like yellow but not it's card..

However, sorry for her,(the one that got injured during futsal) i didn't means to hurt her.. twice.

No need for facial treatment to be beautiful, im happy & im pretty. >.<
& I made a good choice for my dilemma! ahhahahahhah! =D

Dear friends: 
atiqah, nas, ada, zarra, najwa, mala, rina & puteri.
even though i'm so tired, i'm so HAPPY & enjoying the moments.

p/s: i'm just can stop happy till I'm sleep.

nite peeps!
Love yaa..< 3

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