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Sunday, 29 December 2013


Sometimes, all you want is just learn. Know about something. It's a knowledge. But some people just misunderstood your intention.
Knowing something doesn't means you'll lose faith on your belief.
And dear people, showing off your belief doesn't make me have faith on those. It just make me more faithful on mine.
Be careful on what you say, sometimes it hurt till I lose respect.
For me, just have faith on what you believed, I don't have to make everyone to believe what I believed.
Maybe it just not logic, unacceptable, beyond curiosity. But when you have faith, you don't have any reasons. You don't have to understand why. All you have is trust that it is true.
And that's what make me survive in this surrounding. I learn to believe what people told me, and I learn to be more faithful on what I believed. There it is.

Have faith.

It's a knowledge to know something. Peace yalls.