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Monday, 19 March 2012

I'm Learning.

Our life is a journey. 
Everyday is a process of learning. 
And our challenge is an improvement. 
We don't have to be the best, at least we do some improvement right?
 Learning is the best way to success. 
When we study, learn & we pass. 
If we fail, learn to accept the failure & get up again. 
And we'll be more matured to success in our life. 
Learn something new everyday, and you'll keep the knowledge till the end of the day.
* I learned something today, Thanks to my lecturer, Ms. FIN426..*

Bout something:
I had excellent achievement during my primary school.
I'm the one of best bumiputera student i guess.
I'm top 10 among the Chinese student in my class .
pretty good huhh? yeahh maybe.

Declining point:
My secondary result not quite good.
But i do have awesome achievement in co-curriculum.
Always be the representative for school's competition in many fields (except sports).
I'm a science-side student (i feel good enough) but I'm a weak student for my class.
And I'm get the "good-good" result for my SPM. Totally sad! ;(

I'm continue my study in new field = accountancy.
*I really feel down : science =>accountancy*
But then, I have a good result even though I don't the "basic".
See? I am good. Haha!

And the best part was :
 I'm represent my college [LMC] in my fav interest [dance] in KAKOM10 & we got 3rd place.
I'm proud ok!!!  And i came out wit "dancing color" result from there. wahhhhh!! =))

I got here. UiTM KBM. BBA (hons) Finance student. *class gitu*.
For the 1st sem, totally suckkkss!! I'm failed 1 subject.
& I'm not involved in any activities *except the compulsory: bomba*.
I'm trying for netball once & I'm really good bad.

Based on the summary :
I'm have declining point here.
But i hope i can make it up this sem.
Gonna work for it! chaiiyookkkk!!! =D


That's all. Nite.Nite. I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow. Choww!

Love yaa.. <3

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