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Friday, 14 December 2012

Buat Kawan

quotes about good friends 16 when good friends fight   quotes about good friends

Tak salah mengalah walau tak buat salah.
Tak salah maafkan dalam kita berkawan.
Tak salah menegur kalau tujuan betul.
Tak salah bergaduh untuk persahabatan lebih kukuh.

Everyone is different, don't tell them to understand us if we don't even understand them.
Don't judge who's wrong, who's right.
Instead, think of how to make things get better.
Don't ask who should apologize first.
cause ANGER or SELFISH never be our good friend.
Give & take. Sorry & forgive. Fight & get back again.

"Jangan kata kita tak kisah, jangan kata kita tak salah, jangan kata kita yang salah."

P/s : Fikir apa yang boleh baikkan keadaan, jangan fikir siapa patut disalahkan. 
        Jangan jadi mahkamah kecil untuk perkara kecil. 

Free Trip to Perak !!

let's be happy for yesterday stress.

hey O.
I'm so lucky. she's so lucky. yes! we're so lucky.
Cause we're having trip to Perak for free. No fees. Zero.
Lucky me & us.

Am I excited? yup but not too much. 
Excited cause I'm having so much stress for tone of procrastinated tasks & assignments &
(not to mention the problems) that have to be settled in this week. 
*btw done already for this week
So, this trip like giving a reward to myself as I'm able to finished all that with all my group's members. 
Well done for all of us ! 
Good Job i guess. And now let's focus on what next. means what are there for next week. 

And maybe not so excited cause it we're going for a trip with some members of a club that i'm not belong to.
Btw, they're good actually, it just " let's not judge the ice cream by it price." 
But still, for certain, " If I am not interested to being your friend, I never will." #justsaying#

And yeahh! It's Perak. Never been before. For those who live here in Peninsular might not that excited.
But for me, a Sarawakian, I really want this opportunity cause I wanna go for all the states in Peninsular Malaysia. 
Come to think of it, I've gone to many places here in Malaysia. 
Time to strive for oversea travelling. Will.  Soon. Yayy! 

Back to here. 
We're start our journey at 3.00 p.m & just arrived here at 12.00 p.m. 
Yupp. 8 hours of journey with p-stop all the way here.
I just can believe myself going for such a long journey by bus. 
Thanks God for arrive here safely. Amen.
Stay at Kuala/Kampung (not sure) Gula Resort, Perak.
At night, nothing interesting. 
Hoping for nice view tomorrow morning. =P

Should be up early tomorrow. *it's 2 in the morn oredy btw*
Hope we'll having nice moment here. yohooo!

P/s: Be Happy For Yesterday Sadness ! =D

Sunday, 9 December 2012



Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lazy Saturday Lazy No More

It's Saturday peoples! yeahh. 2 more weeks to go. 
And then .. study weeks & then, war world => Final exams 
and then go back to SARAWAK. my hometown, Bintulu. 
I miss the home, not the town. heheh.

Can't wait u know. 
fine. forget that. I got chores to do here. 
To Do List:
* wash clothes 
* clean my room
* Assignments
* Homework
* study & revision for test
( ughhhh. it's tone of it here you know. )

And I'm done doing half of the things up here.
Well Done to me! 
Actually it's a little out of the time frame I planned.
I should wake up at 8.30 am. But I'm late. Its 3 pm plus plus.
I wanna start to do something at 5 pm then, but its extend to 9 pm I guess.
so, i'm so out of time. & this because of my self-discipline!
all of the assignments & homework should be submitted by monday, tuesday, etc...
all on this upcoming week.

And I can't postpone it again, because there are too many things on that week.
I have Dean List Ceremony to attend.
(yeah. I'm a dean list. hard to believe huhh? watever.)
An interview to be done.
( for my assignment that will be submitted on the same week.)
Public speaking to present.
( this is damn too burdensome & scary)
Mandarin video to submit.
( got lots to do to be a video.)
( I got Millons!!! ==" )

 Actually, what the point of listing these out.
I should do something instead of do the talking of it.
I got 24 hours a day everyday, but I wastes 3/4 of it to sleep.
And when I woke up, I spend 1/2 of the rest to eat, take bath & talking again & again.
rest of the time, I'm attending my classes w/o a spirit of study.
What a shame !
wasting my time & saying I'm out of time.
my today never be today,
It's always being tomorrow.
well, tomorrow never die.
so, I believe there will always have tomorrow to do my works.
* Bad Beliefs *

whatever happened, everything should be done by Today!! 
It's after midnight. so, it's Sunday.
Time runs fast huhh when it's weekend.
That's all for today.

P/s: I'm a student who try to learn that today is today, don't think about tomorrow cause Today can be Tomorrow in a minute.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

If you care enough

Tired. tired.tired. 
One word but saying it once feels like it's not enough. And today is so hot too. 
panas. panas. panas.
And the mood is so wrong. But I'm not in bad mood. hehehe.
Eating with housemates & roommate that I haven't meet for ages. *Hiperbola nyerrr *
Rindu rindu rindu.

 Tapi saya penat cause today is Ujian Kecergasan.
Betul betul betul 
menguji kecergasan me yang tak berapa nak cergas nie. 
Btw, I'm quite athletic okay. tengok muscles laa.
after u sees muscles, see the perut laa. ^^ my property okay. Zillion dollar.^^

And that taklimat really freak me out. 
I'm seriously not kind of study hard. But I have that LUCK i guess. 
Lucky me. 
well, got to put some efforts after the talk. This sem is not so easy.
But I will try to give my ALL.
Go mell go! 

Sometimes the cure is just next to you. Don't ignore it.

P/s : I'm try to be carefree so I won't be so envious of others, so don't ask me to care too much. I'll feels annoyed.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sorry Worry Morry.

Hey O. Today is one of the worst day ever. Maybe I'm not the one who being scolded but seriously, come on laa. Tau laa we're so wrong but why don't just give a lil bit of consideration? Maybe we deserve that. Tapi kan rasanya macam ter-OVER juga pon ada. kan.kan. well. It's just about not prepared and not prepared nothing at all. Yeahh what? Just have guts to do so. And the ideas just lost. Seriously kesian dengan my friend.well, maybe this thing happened to teach her to be more strong. dari segi mental & fizikal. That's a must. plus, we're about to face outside world. so, bertambah tambah laa stress &  pressure nanti kan. Plus, if we're obligated with big responsibility. Kata uncle spiderman: " with great power, comes great responsibility." lebih kurang laa tu kan. heeeheee. 
So, Today lesson, DON"T ever procrastinate your work. especially when the Lecturer is SOoo strict. For tomorrow, there is another presentation so, give me the strength to do my BEST. hahhaa. heart beating fast oredyy. hop.hop.
P/s: Sorry that we're so wrong. & sorry that I still thinks you're so wrong.

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