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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Brain vs Heart

Haven't sleep yet though I sleepy. Think bout all kind of stuffs.

The time before going to sleep is really an active moment for my Brain to works. 

It keeps on think. Think. Think & think. Till my Heart say : "Stop thinking Brain. Its time to sleep. and eyes should be shut down now..u better works again later. "

and Brain said : " Its all because of u, Heart
I just follows u. u wanna keep on blogging, so im gonna works for u."

Heart reply: " Fine.let's both stop now."

So, cause of those agreement, I will finish this post & gonna sleep tight.


and Dream, comes to me yahh !!! Be sweet k..<3

love y'all !!  ^.^

Monday, 28 November 2011

A Walk to Remember.

I'm here, in my room at Kolej Tun Mutahir in Malacca. Just arrived from KL. 
Going there to spent time with the besties ; Shyarrine Liah, Sylvia Sulau Wan, and Stevenson Usat. 
There's should be 2 more come with us ; Evelyn Intik and Neelwana Jaimin but they're got some programmes during their weekend. 
So just didn't manage to come lorhh. 
 I'm so tired cause we've been walking all along the street in KL I guess (hyperbola huhh? i just feel that way)..doesn't matter right, as long as we together, we would have so much fun. 
But the time seems to pass so fast. I have to change all the "having fun" mode to study mode. 
I might not realizes it but its seems like we're gonna have our final exam in one month. can u imagine that?? and I'm still can't adapt with the system here. 
And i never get that "study" mode. even once. 
I really have no single idea how to get that mode, to study and study.  
All that I think bout all the time is thinking. think bout what I wanna do, what I wanna eat, what I wanna do, whether i'm going to class or not, how to manage my budget..and all kind of stuffs. 
Ghoshhh, Im lazy to think! So just go with the flows.

Talk bout the time wit the besties, it was great & fun. Feel like im home. haha.
 I guess our friendship will never be apart by distance. 
It makes us more closer to each others. somehow, it sure feel good if all of us here. travelling together.* will be later *.. 

just capture the moment

with better pose

color our faces & peoples stare at us like we r criminals

before swimming 

capturin' the art of faces

our new friends - the cowie.

There's just few photos cause we have no full time photographer during this time.hehe. We did a lots of stuffs ; karaoke-ing, swimming (stand in the swimming pool actually..haha), "inai-ing", cooking together, playing pool, color-ing our face and of course, we sleeping together..< zzzzzzzzzzzz..>
Never imagine that we'll be this close before. hahha. By the way, love them so many much more!!haha..happy.happy.happy.=)

love yaa..<3!!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

11.11.11- special date!!

hi y'all!!'s 11.11.11 today. wanna make something special on this special date. but, what i wanna do huhh?? i cant do anything anything special by stay at this room till night. i got to go out huhh? yahh right but i guess i really wouldn't going anywhere today or make this date a special date. btw,who's care. it's just a date,a repeating number, and it's Friday night y'all!!!
till next!! just enjoy the day.
bye y'all!!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Photo's slideshow : Malacca's moments.

Hey..! Got something to share. I explore something to make my blog more interesting and and I found a website,or maybe a gadget..something related to slide show. So i'd make a try on my photos. And it's quite creative. So i shared it! try it if you want. Make your photos look more fun and enjoyable by turned it to a slide show..come on try on!
Well. For an example, This is it! The photos taken during a walk along the way in Malacca. 
By the way, I really wanna shares those photos thou, so why don't killing birds with one stone ? 
Sound pretty mean huhh? hahah.
Malacca is such a wonderful place thou, and full of history and facts. 
I learned it before in  secondary History textbook, but most of the time i more to sleep, so i'm not so detail in every single history. 
But who's cares? I'm here now, stands on the land of History in Malaysia. proud yaa! never imagined it before. Hahahha.
Since I furthering my study in degree here, then I'll be able to walks around here as much as i could. 
This is not my first time came here either, so less exciting I guess. 
But still, I enjoys every moment with all the friend here.
Hope I'll be here someday, having wonderful holidays with my family and those crazy besties - DKREPTSENSES...
That's it! time for the slideshow! Watch yaa!!

Ronda-Ronda Bandaraya Slideshow: Emmalin’s trip to Melaka, Melaka State, Malaysia was created by TripAdvisor. See another Melaka slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's holiday!! let sleep !!

Yo y'all!it's hoilday yahh! And all that i'm doing with both housemates are just surfing net, eating, and sleeping.
Feel like we're stuck in this small little room. I should be sleeping now,dream of something. but i just keep confront with this lappy to tell what am I doing. What's the point yaa?? Sucks huhh!
Ok.Let's plays some games then SLEEP!  zzzzzzzzzZZZZZ..
Bye y'all.
Love yaa!

Friday, 4 November 2011

uni's life- BORING?

hey y'all!!

It's November! been two months living in uni's life. I guess i more to a loner life than a student life.
 It was so boring in those few weeks which full of assignment,quizzes, tutorial, homework and all the study stuff..- and it sucks so boring! 
I hate it so much. I like study but at least i have some other time of having a interesting time. all that I'd been just - wake up in the morning, take a rush bath, get ready of myself, walking to the campus, attend the classes, eating at food stall, going back to hostel, tired, online, and sleeping.
 And tomorrow it's still the same. It's a everyday routine. *sigh.
 I anticipate for more enjoyable moment here.
 But it's not, i means till now it's not enjoyable at all. one word for it-BORING. 
Now, i really missing all the time i'd having in matrix's life. 
So much more fun than here. Back then, I had dance practice till night, doing stupid stuff with both my roomates at midnight, watching movie together, hangout at field watching the guys plays football, and full of college's event every weekend. 
I'd been so busy but i'm lovin' it. 
I hope I can have an enjoyable this week - holiday week!  - with both housemates.