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Monday, 23 January 2012

Airport departure!

  What the F!!! wrong ticket for my flight. not included my luggage. have to pay RM105 for it. Or else, I can't fly back with my luggage..huhuhuhu. 
Thanks God everything done. Waiting for the departure. Will be home soon.
I'm feel released & tired. with all the baggies!! 
I don wanna bring so many bag after this. And clothes also..
fine. gonna depart now.bye.

love yaa..<3

Beautiful Time.

It's been a long time since i didn't update my blog. well..a lots of things happened. I'd celebrated my Christmas &  New year countdown at Malacca. Just like last year, far from my family.. it's all because i'm studying. 

We just celebrating the Christmas by hanging out all night. Taking all the pictures & eat & talking & gossiping.
Merry Christmas!!

New year : *together with Titi & Ber *
we waiting for the countdown till 12.00 at food stall. Having delicious burger set and boom..!!!! It's 2012 already!!! 
We went home and watched "teen wolf" at the our house's beranda for the 1st hours in 2012..woww!!..ahahahaha..
till the morn, no sleep. It's tiring & sleepy but we continue till the last episode. huhhh!! what a craziest things at the 1st day of new year. Well it's worth for our memories..

And I been through all the hardship for my 1st semester final exam. For almost two weeks confront with my books, notes & papers. I'm feel crazy. and at last,it last !! Yah0ooo!!

Today, here i am. At Sentul, KL. Just came back from Port Dickson. having a great time with both of my friends, Titi & Ber & also Ber's cousin : Minelia & family..
We'd made such a great moments.

Will be home. I'll be back to Bintulu, after 5 months. Really miss my family. Can't wait for the flight.huhuhu..

Somehow, feel so sorry for something. 
Sometimes, the situation make us change our mind but we really didn't mean to. We'll have a lots of time to spend together in the future.
Please don't misunderstood me for something missing. I do responsible for it but i didn't take it. If only u ever ask me once about it, I'm sure I can explain it. So sorry.

Fine. i should sleep for now. don't wanna miss the flight for tomorrow.
Till next!!

love u <3