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Friday, 4 November 2011

uni's life- BORING?

hey y'all!!

It's November! been two months living in uni's life. I guess i more to a loner life than a student life.
 It was so boring in those few weeks which full of assignment,quizzes, tutorial, homework and all the study stuff..- and it sucks so boring! 
I hate it so much. I like study but at least i have some other time of having a interesting time. all that I'd been just - wake up in the morning, take a rush bath, get ready of myself, walking to the campus, attend the classes, eating at food stall, going back to hostel, tired, online, and sleeping.
 And tomorrow it's still the same. It's a everyday routine. *sigh.
 I anticipate for more enjoyable moment here.
 But it's not, i means till now it's not enjoyable at all. one word for it-BORING. 
Now, i really missing all the time i'd having in matrix's life. 
So much more fun than here. Back then, I had dance practice till night, doing stupid stuff with both my roomates at midnight, watching movie together, hangout at field watching the guys plays football, and full of college's event every weekend. 
I'd been so busy but i'm lovin' it. 
I hope I can have an enjoyable this week - holiday week!  - with both housemates.

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