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Thursday, 6 December 2012

If you care enough

Tired. tired.tired. 
One word but saying it once feels like it's not enough. And today is so hot too. 
panas. panas. panas.
And the mood is so wrong. But I'm not in bad mood. hehehe.
Eating with housemates & roommate that I haven't meet for ages. *Hiperbola nyerrr *
Rindu rindu rindu.

 Tapi saya penat cause today is Ujian Kecergasan.
Betul betul betul 
menguji kecergasan me yang tak berapa nak cergas nie. 
Btw, I'm quite athletic okay. tengok muscles laa.
after u sees muscles, see the perut laa. ^^ my property okay. Zillion dollar.^^

And that taklimat really freak me out. 
I'm seriously not kind of study hard. But I have that LUCK i guess. 
Lucky me. 
well, got to put some efforts after the talk. This sem is not so easy.
But I will try to give my ALL.
Go mell go! 

Sometimes the cure is just next to you. Don't ignore it.

P/s : I'm try to be carefree so I won't be so envious of others, so don't ask me to care too much. I'll feels annoyed.

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