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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sorry Worry Morry.

Hey O. Today is one of the worst day ever. Maybe I'm not the one who being scolded but seriously, come on laa. Tau laa we're so wrong but why don't just give a lil bit of consideration? Maybe we deserve that. Tapi kan rasanya macam ter-OVER juga pon ada. kan.kan. well. It's just about not prepared and not prepared nothing at all. Yeahh what? Just have guts to do so. And the ideas just lost. Seriously kesian dengan my friend.well, maybe this thing happened to teach her to be more strong. dari segi mental & fizikal. That's a must. plus, we're about to face outside world. so, bertambah tambah laa stress &  pressure nanti kan. Plus, if we're obligated with big responsibility. Kata uncle spiderman: " with great power, comes great responsibility." lebih kurang laa tu kan. heeeheee. 
So, Today lesson, DON"T ever procrastinate your work. especially when the Lecturer is SOoo strict. For tomorrow, there is another presentation so, give me the strength to do my BEST. hahhaa. heart beating fast oredyy. hop.hop.
P/s: Sorry that we're so wrong. & sorry that I still thinks you're so wrong.

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