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Friday, 14 December 2012

Free Trip to Perak !!

let's be happy for yesterday stress.

hey O.
I'm so lucky. she's so lucky. yes! we're so lucky.
Cause we're having trip to Perak for free. No fees. Zero.
Lucky me & us.

Am I excited? yup but not too much. 
Excited cause I'm having so much stress for tone of procrastinated tasks & assignments &
(not to mention the problems) that have to be settled in this week. 
*btw done already for this week
So, this trip like giving a reward to myself as I'm able to finished all that with all my group's members. 
Well done for all of us ! 
Good Job i guess. And now let's focus on what next. means what are there for next week. 

And maybe not so excited cause it we're going for a trip with some members of a club that i'm not belong to.
Btw, they're good actually, it just " let's not judge the ice cream by it price." 
But still, for certain, " If I am not interested to being your friend, I never will." #justsaying#

And yeahh! It's Perak. Never been before. For those who live here in Peninsular might not that excited.
But for me, a Sarawakian, I really want this opportunity cause I wanna go for all the states in Peninsular Malaysia. 
Come to think of it, I've gone to many places here in Malaysia. 
Time to strive for oversea travelling. Will.  Soon. Yayy! 

Back to here. 
We're start our journey at 3.00 p.m & just arrived here at 12.00 p.m. 
Yupp. 8 hours of journey with p-stop all the way here.
I just can believe myself going for such a long journey by bus. 
Thanks God for arrive here safely. Amen.
Stay at Kuala/Kampung (not sure) Gula Resort, Perak.
At night, nothing interesting. 
Hoping for nice view tomorrow morning. =P

Should be up early tomorrow. *it's 2 in the morn oredy btw*
Hope we'll having nice moment here. yohooo!

P/s: Be Happy For Yesterday Sadness ! =D

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