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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lazy Saturday Lazy No More

It's Saturday peoples! yeahh. 2 more weeks to go. 
And then .. study weeks & then, war world => Final exams 
and then go back to SARAWAK. my hometown, Bintulu. 
I miss the home, not the town. heheh.

Can't wait u know. 
fine. forget that. I got chores to do here. 
To Do List:
* wash clothes 
* clean my room
* Assignments
* Homework
* study & revision for test
( ughhhh. it's tone of it here you know. )

And I'm done doing half of the things up here.
Well Done to me! 
Actually it's a little out of the time frame I planned.
I should wake up at 8.30 am. But I'm late. Its 3 pm plus plus.
I wanna start to do something at 5 pm then, but its extend to 9 pm I guess.
so, i'm so out of time. & this because of my self-discipline!
all of the assignments & homework should be submitted by monday, tuesday, etc...
all on this upcoming week.

And I can't postpone it again, because there are too many things on that week.
I have Dean List Ceremony to attend.
(yeah. I'm a dean list. hard to believe huhh? watever.)
An interview to be done.
( for my assignment that will be submitted on the same week.)
Public speaking to present.
( this is damn too burdensome & scary)
Mandarin video to submit.
( got lots to do to be a video.)
( I got Millons!!! ==" )

 Actually, what the point of listing these out.
I should do something instead of do the talking of it.
I got 24 hours a day everyday, but I wastes 3/4 of it to sleep.
And when I woke up, I spend 1/2 of the rest to eat, take bath & talking again & again.
rest of the time, I'm attending my classes w/o a spirit of study.
What a shame !
wasting my time & saying I'm out of time.
my today never be today,
It's always being tomorrow.
well, tomorrow never die.
so, I believe there will always have tomorrow to do my works.
* Bad Beliefs *

whatever happened, everything should be done by Today!! 
It's after midnight. so, it's Sunday.
Time runs fast huhh when it's weekend.
That's all for today.

P/s: I'm a student who try to learn that today is today, don't think about tomorrow cause Today can be Tomorrow in a minute.

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