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Sunday, 25 November 2012

We're One Malaysia, right?

When I'm study here, lots of question bothering me. 

" Kat Sarawak still tinggal kat rumah panjang ke?"
Yes. we are. we never left our culture. But we also have one bungalow in the city.

" kat Sabah guna Ringgit juga ke? "
Sabah is part of Malaysia if you people study History & Geography in your school back then.

" Hell yeah. what a ugly face. Totally like IBAN! "
seriously this statement is hurting me inside, outside & at all sides. 
firstly nobody ugly. and saying a RACE to  symbolized the UGLYNESS is too CRUEL.
 Plus  "I AM IBAN GIRL."

Should I says that when we're older we will take everything differently or everything actually turned out differently. 
Or the things are different when we're at different places, with different people and different race and religion? 
Did I mentioned " different race & religion"? 
Well, when I was young I thought that we're in one country which also under one nation, Malaysia. 
Yeahh. We are, right? 
So, our differences should not be an issue, it's unique.

But nowadays, why did our race & religion suppose to be a matter for us to be together as Malaysians. 
Even if it's hard to be together, why don't just respect each other? 
If we don't want to respect each other, then just ignore him/her. 
We don't have to bring up or insulting their race or the religion.
It's nothing to do with that. 
If the person want to be a bad bad person, it's her/his choice.
No religions or races in the world taught their people to be a bad person. 
I think that is just a bad mentality for we Malaysian if we do that.
Cause Malaysia looks so proud with the culture that we Malaysians can be unite & live together though we have different races & religions & cultures. 

People, just be proud of our Malaysia and the cultures that we have. 
Included Sarawak & Sabah cultures. 
Don't treat us as the outsiders just because we are not standing on one land, divided by an ocean.

P/s: If you insulting Sabah & Sarawak, you just insulting part of your own country.
*I know I'm being so patriotic today. There a reason why. ^^*

Peace no war ! >.<

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