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Sunday, 25 November 2012

First Impression

"Whenever we come to a new place, meeting new people, we will always encounter the same situation which everyone will trying to judge who we are at first sight. And that's why we should give them kind of "amazing" first impression. "

okay. I think that would be a good start for my Personal Development presentation on this Thursday.

The title : How to make a good first impression?

To be honest, I not really good in giving a good first impression throughout my days back then. Maybe it is too awkward to meet new people right? yeah. 

Some of the comments that I got from my friends when they first met me was sometimes, far more different of who I am ; and sometimes too hard too be true that they can figure me out. 

" you looks so matured back then that I thought you are a serious girl."
" your friend (me) looks kind of innocent and kind girl." *yes I am. hahah*
" you! Jadi bendahari, muka macam gangster. senang nak minta duit nanti. " 

I was so shocked back then. LOL. never thought my face can be analyzed in such a various versions.

Should I asks which one of me is good, the one they think of me or who i am at real? I think we should be better than what they think of us. In a good way. 

Hope I can have a good presentation bout this topic for my subject. 

P/s: Making some points in blog is much inspiring than using microsoft words. ^^

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