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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sweet, Dream Girl

Let's Imagine! 


Just be what you wanna be! And what will you be?
* Come on. Don't be so naive by saying you wanna be a doctor. ==" *

Be something. Someone. Or whatever type of person.


And me, I will think of myself as a cool type of girl who doesn't give a shit bout what people says. 
* but I can't be this type, cause I really care bout what people think of me.*


and  wanna be a girl who can plays guitar or drum or any kind of music instruments that looks cool. 
*Please, not a trumpet!!! *

and I wanna be a girl who lost in the world of photography. cam whore!

And I wanna be a real good dancer! Dancing & poppin like Pauline Matta or Keone & Mariel couple! 
* Oooo ... wouldn't I be so cool ? .. Aww! *

And I wanna be good in sport also. Like volleyball & netball  & basketball especially. That's all. 
* but I'm so weak in sport. Totally bad! *

And good in playing pool. A girl who play like guys is awesome right? hehehheh.
* I plays also. But not awesome. Always an amateur. no progress. *

And Tattoo. I like it. I want it sometimes. 
* But I'm girl who live in a conservative culture. It will turn into a bad perception. & plus, My papa will sooooo  marah okay!! so, forget it.  *

and living in the world of nothing is important. Just live our life! No test, no study, no assignment. whoahhhh!!
It would be awesome. >.< And no need to work. hahah. Money just plus-ing automatically! What in the world!!! =DD

P/s : That's just what I imagine what I wanna be sometimes. A real imaginary me. I glad with who I am now. I wanna be a better person. Living a great life! 

Lot's of love, 

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