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Thursday, 8 November 2012


Tear drops in my heart

"Crying is my deepest expression in life."

Feel lonely.
I'll cry.

feel very very mad.
I'll cry.

so bad bad mood. 
I'll cry.

so touching touching. 
I'll cry.

And I'll cry a lots lots more when I'm sad.

The tears will never stop whenever the emotion is hurt. 
 And the reason of crying never makes sense sometimes. 
All I wanna do is just cry till I feel sleepy. 
& The hurt will slowly leaving me. 
It's the best 
medicine for my heart.

"Let's cry when you are alone & then smile like you never cry."

P/s : I cry so much in these few days. And I'll be fine. I'm okay. ^^

Lots of Love, 

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