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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Someone Like Me

God knows what we have in mind. 

Now I understands why. To make me back to my sense. 
Stop pretending like what I want people to see me.

I knows now.
God is there.
Watching every moves.
Following every steps.
So when I fall, He tells me to get up.
And when I stand up too high, He whispers so I won't fly.

It's me that need to change.
Instead of telling others.
It's me that need advice.
Instead of advice others.

It's all about me.
But still I'm afraid to show that I weak.
I hate to admit that I do care.
I hate to share that I'm in pain.
I hate to tell that I'm hurt.

I want people to see that I'm happy.
That I'm strong.
That I'm positive.
That I'm always okay.
That I'm good.
That I'm don't care too much.

Somehow, people can act at all the time.
Sometimes, we need rest.
From all the drama.
All the hopes.

P/s : I always keep in mind that I'm happy thou deep inside I'm do hurt. 


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