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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Malang, back off !

Seriously aku malang. 
Baru upgrade phone sikit beli baru.
Charger rosak. Pegi hantar, nasib baik warranty takyah bayar.
charger tak ambik lagi, handphone dah hilang. 
yo !! sayang weiii. mahal weii. kalau kaya takpa laa.
hilang beli baru.
Nasib buruk betul.
hilang takpa juga. ni semua gambar and videos and latest songs hilang juga.
lagu and videos boleh cari.
The moments that i captured? How do i get it back?
seriously !!!
I knows it's all my fault. being careless and reckless.
put it all over the place.
just because im sure that no one will take it from me.
I owns it but there's somebody named thief that lack of honesty and mercy. 
Fakkkk laaa sapa yang ambik. euuuuuuuuuuwww youuuu !!!
still. I giving some hopes on getting it back.
Hope so.

* Gambar phone pun saya takda. tinggal c pen, earphones and casing je ada. *

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