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Thursday, 20 June 2013

I'm Busy !

Been busy these few weeks. and all the buzy-ness end today ! Yayy !

Still. Be alert. 5 days to first paper for final exam.

I'm been so active I guess. Joined Carnival as crew. participated in SAP (Sukan Antara Program) in cheerleading and volleyball. whooo ! what a weirdo ?

Cheerleading? Volleyball?
yup. In my size right now, cheerleading is too impossible but this is not referring to a professional cheerleading team that doing stunts and split and routines, it just a dance to cheering our team. So, big difference. And volleyball, yeah im not a sporty girl, but i do know how to play volleyball. just know how. Not know how to. and it get me sunburned so badly till im being so blacky darky. plus, im not so  fair at first place. For all these competition, our team gets nothing. Still we get the most precious moments and experiences.

And before that, been crew for the campus carnival. nice experiences. get to know more friends.
And those new friends that I get to know are too awesome and caring that I addicted to be their friend. >.<

After tons of miserable minutes I've been, I'm happy for today.

apart from that, i have to finish up all the assignments, prepare for presentations, tasks, and tests, and quizzes. It really get me messed up with all the behaviors that sometimes really make me mad and annoyed.

I don't know if I also have the same annoying attitudes when come to the group assignments. everyone just keep on talking on everyone else, including me. we're not pay attentions on how to get the tasks done but thinking on how to make someone do their works.

It really make me tired. All semester will be this way. Burst out all the anger to your friends when you're stress like you're the only one who have problems and tons of assignments and responsibilities in this whole wide world ! so u have right to mad at others cause they deserved it, or whatever it is.

And get your own task done while the whole assignment is still not complete and you ignore all the finish up process cause u don't know how to help and being like a person that always look down on your own credibility at all the time like others are so perfect and always right ! and those excuses that u're unable to do it because u don't know is so frustrating cause nobody knows without learning. It's for your own good.

And I hope we will appreciate each other, our friends. for their goodness. Don't judge them just because of the misbehave or their social life. We are not in their shoes so don't act like we understand them more than they do themselves.

I knows that sometimes, I'm kind of saying things that might hurt u guys cause it does hurt me in the first place. Asking me to do and correct your work while mine haven't done yet is so selfish. Claimed that u done everything on your own while more than half of the task is my work. If i claimed it like I do now, I really want to hear what the explanations i'll get.

I always mad every time im seeing those attitudes that so selfish and saying that it is the effects of their STRESS. sure, stress can make people out of their control. But ever feels or imagine that if you're the person that u get mad of because of stress that come form the personal problems, will you okay with it? be in different perspectives when you get mad will ya?

And will u guys okay, If ur friends realize of their weakness but still refuse to improve cause of no interest and after all the burden, a sorry will be the only thing they can say after all of that??

I do get mad, I do feels unsatisfied, but i won't show it to u guys cause I guess it just a matter of time that everyone will realize and fix it. And i know if I get mad  and burst everything out loud, nothing can be done. No points.

And I always feels like I'm an outsider that's why I always behave and control my emotions. I try to respect the weaknesses, the emotions, the problems, the social life. I hope u guys will respect each others in that aspects too.

I'm not from a wealthy family, so all things I learned are so precious like a wealth, all that I experienced is like a gold coins. But I won't be so greedy to get all that, everything will come in its own way. we don't have to push ourselves to get what we want. Face the failures, even Bill Gates fails but he managed to get up and succeed. We don't have to expect so high, just aim it high.

Thou to be success is nothing cause u don't dream that high, just learned so u won't be a burden to others. That would be so thoughtful.

P/s: Guess Im too harsh. No offences. Im saying these cause I can say in soft way if I speaks. I didn't say it out loud cause it won't means anything, it just an angry speech. Don't act like your're burden in front of me, fix it. I hate sorry and feels sorry. This is a piece of advice for my own good.

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