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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Out of topic

Today is the end of my midterm break. Which means  'Party over. Time to get a life, people! '
Yeah right. It's time for me to wake up and stop dreaming. Midterm is over. I should focus and prepare for the final. (That's too early I guess) wateva!
I want to be well-prepared for this sem. Cause I don't wanna feel down anymore. I didn't show it but I do. From a dean listed result to a so-so result make me hmmmm. Unspeakable. I feel like im going down down and down. From a science side to accountancy. From 3A to 4. From 3.53 to 3.23. Cool. None of my performance getting better. And I'm not even actively join any clubs here. Which is why my uni life isn't as the way I expected when I was a school kid. Whose faults is that if its not mine. Its my life. I deal with it on my own.
Actually this is not the things I want to speak about. I want to talk about my midterm break. But I'm OUT!
P/s: Sincerely this is an advice, a throwback, a little reminder to myself. ♡♥  

《One thing: This is my 4th sem at uni. 
And I really want to make a real awesome memories here.For real.》

I wish my teen life would be dramatic as Gossip Girl. XOXO.

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