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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hari ni ada apa?

So, first of all, y'alls ....

hey hey ho  !!!
Hari nie bangun awal sangat (cause it's so weird if u wake at 6.30a.m on weekend ) ! tapi bukan laaa buang tabiat or wat, but i got something to do.

saya jadi Fasilitator !

" Pada sabtu, 6 april 2013 (8 pg - 5 ptg) Peer's Club UiTM KBM akan mengadakan Program Peer's Sehari Bersama Pembimbimbing Rakan Sebaya.
Program ini akan dijalankan di Aras 6 UiTM KBM.
Sekolah jemputan adalah PRS SMK Tun Syed Zahiruddin dan SMKA Sharifah Rodziah.
Seramai 30 org ahli Peer's diperlukan untuk menjadi Fasilitator untuk progam yang bakal dijalankan. 
Latihan dan bimbingan sebagai Fasilitator akan diberikan. 
Sijil dan KI akan diberikan." 

And it was so fun and interesting that we can see the character of each of the students. Make we recall of my  little sister a lots as they are around of the same age with her. And it's make me missing of my memory as school's student.  Rindu zaman sekolah. rindu kawan kawan. rindu bahas. rindu tarian. rindu syarahan. rindu sajak. rindu dikir barat. rindu koir. rindu cikgu. rindu everything about the school.
Instead of teach them something, I think I'm more to learn. watching them make me realized how innocent we was, how honest we were back in school. seems a little different compared to now. As we growing up, we trying to push ourselves to adapt, to accept and never being honest. heart to heart conversation seems so difficult to be reached.

"Even just in one day, they leave me something i can't buy from bookstore. A memory. The sweet one."

The event ended around 6 p.m. So, tired. I'm asleep till 11.30 p.m. seriously, i'm hungry. wake up and looking for the girls next door. I need FOODS. 
so, after all the talking and persuading and consideration, off to Hang Tuah Char kuey Tiaw. 

The Char Kuey Tiaw is SUPERB !!  

So, here some conflict. A simple conversation that lead to something hurt me. I means it's because i'm the one who saying something to no one. cause nobody HEARs what am i saying. Like i'm talking to myself. yeahh. It's hurt and i'm kind of doing this stupid-childish-sulking looking cause i am merajuk. Not really. terasa hati je. Actually there's nothing to be mad of, it just cause i HATE people laugh at me the MOST !!
and they says like " my kind ( monkey's year borniee) really have this kind of SO-BAD-IN-HANDLING-FEELINGS character. "  I'm not denied but i don't really agreed either. It's depends on situations. Guess I' not really good in handling my mood if my close friends is laughing at me in front of others (who is not very close with me even if we know each other). That's the actual reason why i'm pretend like 'i'm sulks actually i'm not' cause i'm HATE being treated as someone who's funny ( like funny in STUPID ways). 

Hahhaha. Actually. I'm Good. it's okay. Just that I like to be mad even if i'm not that mad cause it is the only way that people stop fooling around too much with me.  okay?? 

Dah. Dah. Dah. I'm stop here. 

Sharing is super sexy !!

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