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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Will you, you and you be my BEST FRIENDS forever ??

The names will always stay in deepest place of my heart.
Seriously u guys !!

I really miss u guys. Our bonds might not always sweet but it's never tear apart. Everything seems so wrong right now. That we even hardly talk to each other on the phone. Everyone have their own life and walk through their own dreams. And those friendship that we worship at most seems to be so dime and dull. like it's only old school memory that should not be taken seriously. even if there's some time and space, still nobody initiates to meet up. Guess we are not that into each others nowadays. Not to mention u guys, me too. we're all have that new 'best-friends-that-feels-like-world' (like we used to).

Girls, this is not our fault either. we're just living our life maybe. And we forget some people that were so important to us. we are not even caring about how each one of us doing these days. It upset me.

" Rindu mai agi maya suba. walaupun setakat bekaban pia pia aja. enda nyangka pun kitai akan rapat sampai form 5. taja pun kitai selalu ja belaya, selalu enda puas hati, bejaie pangan diri, tapi tetap ga kitai begulai baru. belaya enda lama dah nyak ketawa baru. engka semua dah bisi mayuh kaban baru tang anang enda ingat bala sida jegit okay! "

cc: Debra Michele, Katerina Birang, Resty jeliah, Elliecia Mirza, Phristella Serlly, Tiffany Jerry, Shyarrine Liah, Neelwana Jaimin, Stemarlia Burat, Evelyn Intik, Sylvia Sulau Wan.

P/s: A news from an old friend shocked me. I really want to blame myself for that.

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