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Monday, 29 April 2013

Breaking weekend

From previous entry. im out of topic cause the thing that i want to share is how im ends this past midtermbreak. i didn't back home so here im, going round and round. 

First of all. im went to Johor. attend some carnival. something about entrepreneurship if im not mistaken. its should be fun as im went there with ma housemates. but things goes wrong sometimes. watever it is, still, im safely back to here. actually it just for 2days n 1 night only.  

Enjoying nothing but heartache-ing.

(I really hope that one day i'll be going to Johor again to visit there. never get the chance tho this is my 2nd time going there.)

Back to Malacca. We went shopping. movie-ing. and cooking.

Tang yuan, shopping and Pooh & Piglet

then I spent my weekend at bestie's house. she is here for practical. so, as we both at Malacca. time for gathering !! we've not seen each other like a year i guess. plus minus. ^^ but

Friendship bonds will never be broken for something like distance.
(read this somewhere back then)

if we were highschool girls, we might doing something fun, adventurous, exciting and crazy. but we are maturing. so, we do something different. like cooking ? hahaaa. yeah. we spend our days to make something delicious. quite interesting huhh. btw, it was fun.
Kek Batik, Donut, Tang yuan, And chicken curry. 
apart of that, we'll do gossipation. a must thing for girls. just talking actually. about how we've been doing these days. how's life. and everything. and remembering some nostalgic moments we shared together back in school. how nice.

and yayyy !!! this week. we are not alone. these two girls will come and join us. i bet it will be so muchh funn. I miss them. for those who can't join us. we miss u guys. ( u know who u are)

Lonely Girl !

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