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Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Rainy Night

Heyy hoooo! The Holiday is almost end. I'm back to here, Malacca. Ma 2nd home.
Doing nothing but messing around.
 Today, we went out. & we'd watched movie ( The Cabin In The Woods ) till midnite, and it's suddenly started raining. And there were no taxi, so we're just sat on the "provided" chair waiting for rain to stop or taxi to come or any help. and Thank God there are good friends exist in this world. They bring us umbrella & even plastic bags for cover. And left us behind after give us the umbrella & plastic bags. uhhhhukkkk! so sad. But we're just start walking, hoping for the road getting shorter. while thinking " how could they leave us in the middle of the night walking all alone across the streets. omaiigaddd!! "

suddenly. In the middle of the walk, 2 motorcycles slowly stops. 

& suprize!! It's the FRIENDS.
They back, bring along extra umbrellas for us. Offer us a ride to get home. 3 persons per motor! cool huhh. In raining. So sweet. They really care for us. Hahahha.

Although it's a dark night with lightning & rains, we can see the rainbow through our heart.

Totally Thankful. God blessed them. Amen.

P/s: Everything happen for a reason, now we know that we have such good friends here.

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