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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Midterm Holiday!

It's midterm Holiday!! Again. I'm come here, Kuala Lumpur. Staying at Bernadine's cousin' house. who's with me?
For sure with the same person => Bernadine & Tifenny.

Today's Port: Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

Nice shot huhh! credit to : Bernadine

Take a snap on Apple PC's webcam. nice Brand!

For tomorrow:
Going to having a lots of walk here. spent some money. Just to have some fun.
Hope to meet some friends tomorrow. 
It's in planning. A promise to fullfil.

Check it out for tomorrow. ^^

Nite Peeps!! 

Funny moment Here:
Opps! we'd met Samy Vellu at Padini. Ber tot he's Muthusamy.LOL.

again. Nite.nite.
P/s:  Spent your night at a place that don't belong to u gonna be so awkward & unease.

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