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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Been so busy lately, lots of things happened & I just can't share all of it. 
Next week gonna be the busiest week for me ever in my Uni's life history. 
Maybe will be worse later but till now, this is the worst but I still have time to breath. 
Thanks God for that.

Presentation, assignment, test & quiz are part of my life now. 
Seriously, I'm tired & stressed. But, I'm more stressed with all the behaviors. 

Oh,come on people !!
Stop messing around with me. I don't speaks but I do hate. I'm not being here to stand with all of that.
The world is full of yours,yours & yours "probs". So, I don't wanna add on it.

Knowing & realizing but it doesn't make any changes. So, what's the point?
It's better for not knowing at all.

P/s: Don't bother it.

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