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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Obsession of danza

I fall in love wit........ Dance.

Just love it. And i'm into it.

Definition: An art form that generally related to the movement of body, usually rhythmic and  to the music, use as a form of expression, social presentation.

In my own opinion :
Dance is the expression of the feeling, the movement of the heartbeat, and it's an obsession.
No matter what types of dance, I just love it. 
As long as its express along with the music. Any kind of music.

Music & Dance : Near to my heart.

I've been so active in dance group : Kesenian Seri Cahaya Bandar back then.
 I get a lots of experiences & memory with this group.
And thanks a lots to my dance coach : Abang Chap who had sharpen my dance skills till I able to dance in front of everyone. Its a tough job back then.
And also the teacher that always be with our group, Miss Siti Norhayati.
Thanks a lots.
All the bad & good memory with all the dancer will always stay in heart.

And still I'm been so active in my matriculation college. As a "2nd intake"  & "Science =>> Accountancy" student, I really not interested to getting involved in dance anymore that I thought I'm might not able to concentrate on my study.
But then, I get forced by my best friend : yen,intik,neel & stem : to participated in dance audition for representative in KAKOM.

They even waited for me till the audition over.
And thanks God that I'm chosen. (that's for sure!hahaha.)
And I able to tell them the good news & make them proud. Feel happy to have friends that take good care of  your interest. Love them y'all!!

And I'm one of the dancer for Kakom which held in Johor. We got 3rd place. But still they praise for our dance attitude. So gorgeous!! aaww!!

We been so active in college with the dance activities. Everyday is practice day. 
Just missing all the moment & the days.
Feel so happy when I'm dance. Just happy.

Have to get some sleep. I have my eco test tomorrow. Haven't revise. Will be, maybe.
Good "dawn". Sweet dream.

Love yaa!!

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