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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak 2012

28 September 2012

This is my 3rd semester for my Bachelor study. And this is the 1st time ever I'm attending Lan Berambeh Anak Sarwak event. It was great event for all Sarawakian students who study here cause we get to eat Mi Kolok, Laksa Sarawak, Kek Lapis S'wak & etc. Plus, I get to meet all the artists came as I stands next to the stage. They were really infront of my eyes. Honestly, I was so freaking excited and nervous.

But the things that make me MOST excited is that I'm get to meet all my friends and besties. It's because I didn't meet them for such a long time. Miss them so much.
and here I go. It was so Momento.

Here's the great moment that I'd captured.

The Sarawakian from Uitm Malacca. This is just part of us.

My matric's dancemate, Cos. Haven't seen him since last day at matric. ^^

Alyssa. She's not an Indian thou in the beautiful green saree. The long-lost dancing chicka from matric.  Haven't met for such a long time. we're had a nice chatting there. Shares some stories. But the time too envy us and I had to go first. Like a Cinderella. Haha.^^
5th PM photo. One of our Former PM. Just randomly chose his photo to capture with.

on the red carpet.

waiting - with Wanie

Awaits for Night session.

Ber met Her friends.

On the Bridge. Night view.
we're on the floor - Arni & Yus

Me, Gloria & Bernardine.

There's a lots of moments that didn't get captured. Met a lots of friends and artists but I don't have the picture to show it. Met those besties - Stemmie, Yenn, and Neel too. But there's no pictures with me.

P/s: It was so fun yet tired that I wore that high heels just to be more taller. haha  >.<

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