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Monday, 28 November 2011

A Walk to Remember.

I'm here, in my room at Kolej Tun Mutahir in Malacca. Just arrived from KL. 
Going there to spent time with the besties ; Shyarrine Liah, Sylvia Sulau Wan, and Stevenson Usat. 
There's should be 2 more come with us ; Evelyn Intik and Neelwana Jaimin but they're got some programmes during their weekend. 
So just didn't manage to come lorhh. 
 I'm so tired cause we've been walking all along the street in KL I guess (hyperbola huhh? i just feel that way)..doesn't matter right, as long as we together, we would have so much fun. 
But the time seems to pass so fast. I have to change all the "having fun" mode to study mode. 
I might not realizes it but its seems like we're gonna have our final exam in one month. can u imagine that?? and I'm still can't adapt with the system here. 
And i never get that "study" mode. even once. 
I really have no single idea how to get that mode, to study and study.  
All that I think bout all the time is thinking. think bout what I wanna do, what I wanna eat, what I wanna do, whether i'm going to class or not, how to manage my budget..and all kind of stuffs. 
Ghoshhh, Im lazy to think! So just go with the flows.

Talk bout the time wit the besties, it was great & fun. Feel like im home. haha.
 I guess our friendship will never be apart by distance. 
It makes us more closer to each others. somehow, it sure feel good if all of us here. travelling together.* will be later *.. 

just capture the moment

with better pose

color our faces & peoples stare at us like we r criminals

before swimming 

capturin' the art of faces

our new friends - the cowie.

There's just few photos cause we have no full time photographer during this time.hehe. We did a lots of stuffs ; karaoke-ing, swimming (stand in the swimming pool actually..haha), "inai-ing", cooking together, playing pool, color-ing our face and of course, we sleeping together..< zzzzzzzzzzzz..>
Never imagine that we'll be this close before. hahha. By the way, love them so many much more!!haha..happy.happy.happy.=)

love yaa..<3!!


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