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Sunday, 26 May 2013

a simple journey

Just home. went to Johore with a bestie. Shyarrine.
first day,we shop. not shopping nor window shopping, just shop. aim for something but left with nothing until we in & out from one shop to the others for like 5hours. yeah we buy something. but its like nothing. and we eat at Indonesian restaurant i guess. cant recall the name.
that night, to stop the hunger from 5 hours shoppin, we dropped by food stalls, or night market i guess. pasar malam ? maybe.
next day, on planning: watch fast&furious6 but something unpredictable happened and its unavoidable so we cancelled it. then we went to eat at El Amigos (if im not mistaken). the spaghetti bolognaise chicken is superb but the others doesnt satisfied with their cuisines. worth it? for them, maybe not. hahah.
and we went jalan jalan to Kota Iskandar & Puteri Harbour. eat Delicious mellicious ABC and try kacang pool which is new for me. kind of like it. heheh. and that's not the end. after that, we tengok bola. Johor lwn Pahang. Johor menang ! then. went back to Hotel. on the way back, im watching beautiful night view of Singapore from across the sea in slow motion cause the traffic jam. still amazed with the fact that i can see other country from own my country land. a wow !
last day, today. nothing special. just having brunh at sushi king and having popstar icecream dessert and bought back delicious auntie anne's almond pretzel.
on the bus, read #manisnyacinta all the way back to Malacca. happy ending novel for my happy ending journey.
hope next time we'll go for trip with all the besties. even just two of us,still it was a great journey and thanks a lots for those "tour guides" who accompany us and show us the awesome Johore. ^^
P/s: for Christmas this year, another journey awaits. and that blue blouse at Cotton On, I want it !!!

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