expressing the inspired little DREAM.



The Sunshine : My Familia.
mom & dad
my sister, Normi
Konnie & Darron
Baring's Daughters

my beloved sis & bro

mother & daughter : mom & granny

4 of us : me, Normi, Darron, Konnie

my fammyy!!
My beloved best friends : My sweeties.
* Our friendship always shines our life. We laugh, smile, cry, mad, fight and we still be together.

the besties :ella , syl & intik.

school's moment : last day of SPM.

our Dikir Barat group: always be the winner!!

back then: we're still together.

dinner time: dress up.

waving the laugh!!
My darlings : Will always stay in my heart.
* We're been so close like siblings that i feel like i'm home when i'm with them.

LMC's roomates: err,ass,suu. 
happy : the darlinks.